Middle College Textbooks

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Please be aware: Information on this page pertains exclusively to Alaska Middle College School (AMCS) students who are currently enrolled in the program. All other UAA students should direct textbook questions to their professors/syllabi or the UAA Online Bookstore.

AMCS Textbooks - General Info

For support with AMCS textbooks, help with codes/ebooks, or to schedule a time to meet with the textbook coordinator, email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu. All communications about your textbooks will also come from this email.

Textbooks and other course materials for program approved courses are all purchased on behalf of AMCS students. Once students meet with their Middle College advisor and finalize their classes, their textbooks are ordered for them.

Textbooks purchased for students belong to the Alaska Middle College School and the Anchorage School District. Students are responsible for keeping textbooks in the same condition as when received, and for returning physical textbooks on a specified date determined by Middle College at the end of the semester.



Late Fall 2023 Textbook Returns

You can schedule an individual textbook return appointment during limited times in January using the Middle College Bookings page, or by emailing uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu. As a reminder, students must return all physical textbooks from this semester in order to be eligible for free Middle College textbooks next semester. 

Spring 2024 Textbook Pickup

  • Returning students: Textbook pickup will take place on January 11 & 12, 2024 from 8:30 AM - 4 PM in Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH), Room 101 on the UAA campus. You do not need to come to Textbook Pickup unless you see highlighted textbooks in your Spring 2024 textbook list.
  • New students: You will pick up your textbooks during Middle College orientation. The day that you can plan to pick up books will be indicated in the orientation schedule. 

Your Spring 2024 Textbook List

Spring 2024 textbook lists for all AMCS students will be going out Tuesday, January 9. Your textbook list will tell you all of the textbooks you'll need for your spring UAA classes, including whether you have any physical textbooks that you need to pick up during textbook pickup. It's important that you review your textbook list as soon as you receive it! 
I encourage you all to check your UA email for this email if you don't see it in your personal email by Tues. evening. If you have not specified a personal email as your preferred email address in UA Online, your UA email is the only place that you will receive your textbook email.



Common Textbook Questions

Textbook Pickup

Textbook Return

  • What textbooks do I need to return? Which textbooks can I keep?

    Course materials you DO need to return:

    • Physical textbooks, including loose-leaf textbooks
    • Lab manuals
    • CDs, DVDs, booklets, and any other supplementary materials that came with your physical textbook

    Course materials you DO NOT need to return:

    • Workbooks or Student Activity Manuals 
    • Codes or other digital course materials
  • When do I return my textbooks?
    Instructions on how and when to return your textbooks will be emailed to your @alaska.edu email during the last month of the semester. Watch for announcements about textbook returns from your advisors or the uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu email account.
  • I'm going to be gone the week of textbook returns. What should I do?
    Email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu and let us know if you can't make the dates. If you can return your textbooks early, then please do so. Otherwise, you should plan to arrange a time to return your textbooks after you get back from your trip.
  • Is there a penalty or fee for late textbooks?

    If you do not return your textbooks for a semester and you are continuing with the program the following semester, you will not be eligible for free AMCS textbooks until you return all outstanding textbooks. 

    If you still have outstanding AMCS textbooks unreturned at the end of the school year, AMCS will charge the cost to replace the books to your account. This fee will be removed as soon as you return your textbooks, but the fee will remain on your account until then or until you pay it.