Middle College Textbooks

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Please be aware: Information on this page pertains exclusively to Alaska Middle College School (AMCS) students who are currently enrolled in the program. All other UAA students should direct textbook questions to their professors, their advisors, or the UAA Online Bookstore.

Fall 2022 Textbook Pickup

When: August 19, from 8:30 am - 12:45 pm
Where: Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH), Room 101

Textbook pickup will be taking place during the Middle College orientation. Students will be notified by email whether they have physical textbooks to pick up prior to this date. Returning students should consider arriving early to avoid the rush.

If you are unable to come pick up your books during orientation, click on the button below to schedule a late textbook pickup. 


How to Read Your AMCS Textbook List

Book: Everything listed as a book on your list is a physical textbook that you must pick up. 

Codes and ebooks: Codes for online learning platforms and ebooks will be provided to you by email together with your textbook list prior to the first day of classes. If you are having trouble accessing your online materials, email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu

Inclusive access materials/Day One Digital: Inclusive access materials are textbooks and learning platforms provided to you by your professor when you enroll in their class. Follow the link for more detailed information.

No required textbooks/Free online materials: Either there are no required textbooks for your course, or your professor will provide you with your course materials for free as open access materials. 


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General Textbook Information

AMCS students should direct all textbook questions to uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu. All communications about your textbooks will also come from this email.

Textbooks and other course materials for program approved courses are all purchased on behalf of AMCS students. Once students meet with their Middle College advisor and finalize their classes, the Student Success Program Assistant orders their textbooks on their behalf.

Students are responsible for keeping textbooks in the same condition as when received, and for returning physical textbooks on a specified date determined by Middle College at the end of the semester.



Common Textbook Questions

Textbook Pickup

  • Where do I go to pick up textbooks?

    All physical textbooks are available for pickup in Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH) Room 101. On designated pickup days, Middle College staff will be available to give you your textbooks anytime during specified hours. Outside of these hours, you will need to schedule a time using the link above.

    GHH 101 is not regularly staffed, but Middle College staff are often available to help students in person at our main office in Rasmuson Hall (RH) Room 103. If you're on campus, come see us in person!

  • One of the textbooks on my list is "backordered." What does this mean and when will I receive my textbook?
    This means that we have ordered your textbook but it has not yet been shipped. You will be notified when your book is on its way, and when it arrives you will receive an email letting you know that it is ready for pickup. In the event that your textbook is very late, we will let you and your professor know so that we can work together to find an alternative in the meantime. Remember, if you are having trouble with a backordered textbook, chances are that other students in your class are having the same problem!
  • I registered for my classes late, or I recently added a new class that requires textbooks or codes. How can I still get my free textbooks?
    Your course materials are free for you no matter how late you register for classes. However, if you register for or add courses after August 15, your course materials may arrive late. You will receive an email from uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu notifying you that your materials have been ordered along with an estimated arrival date. When your materials are ready for you, you will receive an email with instructions.
  • How do I know if I have physical books to pick up?
    Physical books will be highlighted on your textbook list when you receive it through email. Materials for lab courses, including lab manuals and take-home lab kits, will also be marked for you to pick up. Be sure to read all of the information provided to you in this email - if you have late or backordered textbooks, they will be noted on your textbook list.
  • I already bought my textbooks, but I want to use free AMCS textbooks. What should I do?

    Your best option is to return the textbooks your purchased before using them or unwrapping any plastic packaging. Refunds are processed through the Returns tab on the UAA Online Bookstore website. If you are experiencing difficulty with returning your textbooks, visit the Help tab on the UAA Online Bookstore website and select "I need help with my order." If your item is listed as not eligible for return, email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu so that we can work on finding the best alternative option for you.

    Disclaimer: Please note that any textbooks or codes you purchase yourself are your responsibility. Middle College staff can assist you with the return process or work with you to find an alternative solution, but we cannot make returns for you or manage any aspect of your personal orders. The UAA Bookstore is operated by a third party service, and Middle College does not have control over the quality of service you receive from bookstore customer experience. Alaska Middle College School does not guarantee reimbursement for textbook materials you purchase yourself and are unable to return, even if you made that purchase accidentally.

  • I missed textbook pickup. How do I schedule a pick up time?
    Scroll up and click on the button labelled Schedule a Late Textbook Pickup. This will take you to the Middle College Bookings page, where you can view available times and dates for individual appointments.

Textbook Return

  • What textbooks do I need to return? Which textbooks can I keep?

    All physical books must be returned at the end of the semester. This includes bound books, loose-leaf/binder textbooks, lab manuals, and any unused codes.

    You do not have to return any workbooks you have written in or used codes. Workbooks are books that consist only of activities with space for you to write in them. Textbooks that have space for you to write in them but function as the main textbook for the class are not workbooks! 

  • When do I return my textbooks?
    Instructions on how and when to return your textbooks will be emailed to your @alaska.edu email during the last month of the semester. Watch for announcements about textbook returns from your advisors, or visit the UAA Middle College homepage for news on textbook return dates.
  • I'm going to be gone the week of textbook returns. What should I do?
    Email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu and let us know if you can't make the dates. If you can return your textbooks early, then please do so. Otherwise, you should plan to arrange a time to return your textbooks after you get back from your trip.
  • Is there a penalty or fee for late textbooks?

    There is no fine for late textbooks. However there are some consequences for unreturned textbooks:

    If you do not return your textbooks for a semester and you are continuing with the program the following semester, your free textbooks will be on hold until you return all outstanding textbooks. 

    If you still have outstanding AMCS textbooks unreturned at the end of the school year, AMCS will charge the cost to replace the books to your account. This fee will be removed as soon as you return your textbooks, but the fee will remain on your account until then or until you pay it.