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  • UAA Department of Art

    The mission of the Department of Art is to prepare students to use their artistic abilities to make a difference in society. A comprehensive multi-studio approach encourages independent thinking, strengthens creativity, and develops knowledge of the critical and historical aspects of art. Students acquire technical skills and gain confidence to work with a variety of materials while exploring and evaluating the broad and diverse heritage of art and design. Our goal is to train and graduate students who are empowered artists, focused on excellence in creativity, and who are essential to the continued development of our vibrant culture.

We are grateful to be guests on the homeland of the Dena'ina Athabascan people.

 Step Into Creativity

 The UAA Fine Arts Building is home to a vibrant community of students and faculty in which we currently offer two academic programs and eleven areas of study. It is a place of discovery where students find their own unique way to communicate and express themselves visually. Students are mentored to be courageous, ask thoughtful questions, solve problems creatively and develop the skill sets necessary to be engaged professionals.  Dedicated faculty, challenging curricula, well-equipped studios, a dynamic roster of visiting artists, and a gallery that focuses on national and international art exhibitions are the aspects of our department which empowers and prepares students for graduate study and fine art careers.

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Areas of Study

  • Nuttaphol Ma


    In Tandem With Time, Rivers Become

    Installation by Nuttaphol Ma
    Kimura Gallery

    September 10 - November 19, 2021

    “In Tandem With Time, Rivers Become” is a contemplative installation by multidisciplinary artist Nuttaphol Ma. The space becomes a container for relics and ephemera from Ma’s on-going performances titled Stitching Dreams of Leaving, Dreams of Roots. Ma’s actions flow as two rivers. One is his public stitchings that alters the US flag from an immigrant perspective. The other is his participatory workshops that invite participants to socially reimagine what a pledge to the flag may be to create a sense of home for all. These undertakings are his direct responses to a tweet where four congresswomen of color were told to “go back” to their country by a former US president.
    Due to UA's COVID-19 Response, the Kimura Gallery will be hosting a series of virtual exhibitions until further notice.
  • "Deep Winter" by Joe Kashi


    Journey to an Unknown Destination

    Recent Work by Joe Kashi
    ARC Gallery

    September 17 - December 3, 2021

    This exhibit consists of seven large separately framed panels, each of which may be considered a separate sub-exhibit consisting of a haiku and a “sequence” of two thematically related images.

    Each panel in turn forms part of the narrative trajectory for the overall exhibit theme “Journey to an Unknown Destination”. My narrative trajectory is implicit, not self-evident nor unvarying. I would urge each viewer to accept that there are several potentially valid but ultimately divergent narratives and for each to choose that which is most resonant personally.

    -- Joe Kashi

  • 2021 Alumni Exhibition samples



    Alumni Exhibition

    February 19 - April 15, 2021

    This exhibition honors and celebrates the dedication to the creative self manifested in each of these artists. May they, UAA students past, present and future, continue.

    -- Segment of the introduction by Michael Conti, Kimura Gallery Director 

    Continuation: Alumni Exhibition

     Due to UA's COVID-19 Response, the Kimura Gallery will be hosting a series of virtual exhibitions until further notice.

  • 2 samples of artistic masks


    The Art of Face Masks Seawolf Style Online Exhibit

    Art can promote good health – of the body, mind, and spirit. We need the arts in difficult times, and in large measure. This exhibit features UAA Art Students exploring the face mask as an art form of individual expression in response to the pandemic. These face masks represent a spirit of caring and concern for others in providing a basic safety need. Using their artistic skills to express emotions such as fear, frustration, and endurance, personal stories can be glimpsed in these one-of-a-kind artworks. 

    The Art of Face Masks Seawolf Style Online Exhibit

     Due to UA's COVID-19 Response, the Kimura Gallery will be hosting a series of virtual exhibitions until further notice.

 Art Galleries to Explore

 Kimera Gallery: The gallery programming is used to enhance the curriculum of studio art and art history classes and expand students thinking and approach to making art.

Arc Gallery: Dedicated to enriching the UAA and Anchorage community by producing exhibitions featuring emerging, mid-career, and established Alaskan artists.

Hugh McPeck Gallery: Located on the second floor of the Student Union, showcases artwork created by UAA Students.

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