Department of Art Faculty

The University of Alaska Anchorage, Department of Art faculty teach, inspire, and mentor their students to be critical thinkers, skillful technicians and the brightest possibilities in the field of art. As accomplished artists and scholars, our faculty create and continually stimulate UAA's culture of research and discovery. Beyond the university, UAA's art faculty are leaders in their respective fields, pursuing an engaging array of projects.

Allana DeRocchi
Alanna DeRocchi (she/her/hers)
Term Assistant Professor of Art
Ceramics Technician
Kimura Gallery Co-Coordinator
Tom Chung
Thomas Chung (he/him/his)
Associate Professor of Art
Painting Program Coordinator
Steve Godfrey
Steve Godfrey (he/him/his)
Chair, Department of Art
Professor of Art
Ceramic Program Coordinator
Arc Gallery Coordinator
Mike Conti photo
Mike Conti (he/him/his)
Term Assistant Professor of Art
Photography and Videography Technician 
Herminia Din
Dr. Herminia Din (she/her/hers)
Professor of Art
BFA Program Coordinator
Garry Mealor
Garry Mealor (he/him/his)
Associate Professor of Art
Drawing Program Coordinator
Mariano Gonzales
Mariano Gonzales (he/him/his)
Professor of Art
Communication Design Program Coordinator
June Pardue Photo
June Pardue (she/her/hers)
Term Instructor 
Native Arts

Adjunct Faculty

Graham Dane
Graham Dane (he/him/his)
Color Design
2D Design
David Pettibone Image
David Pettibone (he/him/his)
Chris Judd Photo
Chris Judd (he/him/his)
Cecilia Karoly-Lister (she/her/hers)
2D Design
Lukas Elliot
Lucas Elliott (he/him/his)
Graphic Design
Enzina Marrari
Enzina Marrari (she/her/hers)
2D Design
3D Design
Laura Walters image
Dr. Laura Walters (she/her/hers)
Art Appreciation
Becky White
Becky White (she/her/hers)
Art Appreciation
Art History
Laruen Stanford image
Lauren Stanford (she/her/hers)

Support Staff

Hans Hallinen
Sculpture Technician
Kimura Gallery Co-Coordinator
Exhibition Installation Specialist
Meghan Owens
Meghan Owens
Academic and Student Support