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    The Department of Geological Sciences strives to involve our students in all aspects of geology. From our exciting courses in the field and in the classroom, our students are engaged in understanding the processes of the earth.

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At UAA, we strive to involve our students in all aspects of geology. Our Geological Sciences faculty are highly motivated and excited to share both their knowledge and their passion for the geologic sciences with you. Because the University of Alaska-Anchorage is located within an active tectonic margin, the Geological Sciences Department has focused on fusing a traditional classroom/laboratory education with field work. Thus, students who enjoy working outdoors, have a strong scientific background, and are interested in earth processes will find studying geology or environmental geology at UAA intriguing and rewarding. Nowhere else in the U.S. will you find active plate tectonics, erupting volcanoes and calving glaciers-all within driving distance of North America's largest mountain and right outside UAA's front door.

ConocoPhillips donation kick-starts the Student Field Experiences Fund

" "ConocoPhillips recently made a $40,000 donation to the department to help start the Field Experiences Fund, a fund used to subsidize geology course laboratory fees that are used to cover the logistical costs of field experiences in the geological sciences curriculum.

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Master of Sciences in Applied Geological Sciences

" "Since 2018, the Department of Geological Sciences has been offering graduate study in applied geological sciences. The Master of Science in Applied Geological Sciences prepares students for work in in the multitude of careers including environmental geology/sciences, oil and gas industry, minerals and mining, and state and federal agencies that require a deep and broad foundation in the geological sciences.

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