Upper Division Mathematics Course Schedule

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers upper division math courses on a four year plan.  The course schedule is grouped by category below.

  • Core Math Courses
    Fall Semesters
    • MATH A306 Discrete Methods 
    • MATH A314 Linear Algebra 
    • MATH A401 Introduction to Real Analysis
    Spring Semesters
    • MATH A314 Linear Algebra 
    • MATH A405 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • Analysis and Topology
    One of the following offered each year: 
    • MATH A410 Introduction to Complex Analysis
    • MATH A431 Introduction to Differential Geometry
    • MATH A430 Concepts of Topology
  • Applied Math
    Offered each semester and summer: 
    • MATH A302 Ordinary Differential Equations
    Offered occassionally: 
    • MATH A426 Numerical Analysis
    • MATH A432 Partial Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Enrichment
    Fall Semesters: 
    • MATH A420 Historical Mathematics
    Spring Semesters:
    • Odd Years: MATH A305 Introduction to Geometries
    • Even Years: MATH A309 Introduction to Number Theory
  • For Other Majors/Math Minors
    One of the following is offered each spring semester:
    • MATH A424 Advanced Engineering Math, Linear and Numerical Analysis
    • MATH A425 Advanced Engineering Math, Partial Differential Equations and Complex Variables


The impact of this new course schedule is that if a student doesn't take the course the year that it is offered, the student might not have another chance to take it.  Please consult with your mathematics faculty advisor if you have any questions.