Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m trying to sign up for a Math course, but it’s saying Prerequisite/Test score error. What do I do?
    • Different courses require different score levels from each of the placement tests. Please see the link below for the current score levels required for each course:
    • Your test scores must be current (meaning within the last year) in order to qualify as a prerequisite.
      • If your scores are more than a year old, then you must take a new placement test. Your most recent scores are used for course placement.
    • If your scores are current, and they meet the requirements for the course in which you are trying to enroll, but you are still receiving a test score error, then you may either contact an academic advisor, or the Mathematics and Statistics Department front desk about getting a prerequisite override.
      • Have your student ID number ready.
      • If you meet the prerequisite requirements due to courses taken through another institution, you will also need to provide copies of those transcripts, as well as course descriptions from the transferring institution.
  • How do I petition a Math or Stats course?
    • To ensure your petition moves through smoothly, complete it with the assistance of an advisor.
    • Download and complete the Academic Petition Form.
    • Attach the class syllabus and if possible, the catalog description of the course. 
  • I’ve misplaced my textbook. Is there a way for me to borrow a textbook from the Math Department?
    • The Mathematics and Statistics Department does not keep extra copies of textbooks to lend out to students.
    • The Math Lab does have some textbook copies that may be used IN the lab, but may NOT be taken from the room.
    • Other resources to check include: 
      • Asking your professor if you may scan some pages out of their textbook
      • Checking to see if there is a copy of the required text available at the library
      • Looking into purchasing an E-Book
  • I’m trying to get a class waived and/or sub a course from another university for another UAA math course. How do I go about this?
    • We suggest you meet with an academic adviser and ask about academic petitions.
      • If your adviser thinks you should submit a petition to the Mathematics and Statistics Department, please note that you will also need to submit an official description of any course you are trying to use as a substitute.
  • Where do I send my transcript to verify that I have taken a variation of math classes to obtain UAA credit?
    • All transcripts and test scores must be sent to the university in a sealed envelope, preferably directly from the educational institution or testing agency.
    • If you choose to deliver the transcripts or test scores directly to the university, do not open the official envelope or the transcripts or test scores will be considered unofficial.
    • Transcripts and test scores may be mailed to:
    UAA Enrollment Services
    PO Box 141629
    Anchorage, AK 99514

Still Have Questions?

Contact the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at (907) 786-1744 or email