Panel: Food "Choice" and Access

Day 1, Afternoon Session II, 3:30 pm - 5:10 pm, BMH 119

(Theme: The Food System: Access, Availability, and Utilization)

  1. “Hustlers and Homemakers: Class, Gender, and the Workfare Diet,” Brian Hennigan & Gretchen Purser, Syracuse University
  2. “Gifts of good food: defining generosity in the foodscapes of the “new” New Orleans,” Jeanne Firth, London School of Economics
  3. “Hunting, Fishing, and Identity: A Vision of Food Self-Sufficiency Among Low-Income Alaskans,” Tracey Burke & Amanda Hansen, UAA
  4. “Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Influence on Low-Income Caregivers' Food Practices,” Wei-ting Chen, University of California, Cooperative Extension San Mateo/San Francisco