Panel: Food Security Assessment (University Student and Refugee Populations)

Day 2, Morning Session II, 10:30 am - 12:10 pm, BMH 119

(Theme: The Food System: Access, Availability, and Utilization)

  1. “Understanding the Experiences of University Students at the Intersection of Food Insecurity and Homelessness,” Rashida Crutchfield, California State University, Long Beach; Jennifer Maguire, Humboldt State University; Nancy Meyer-Adams, California State University, Long Beach
  2. “Food and Housing Insecurity Among a Sample of Alaskan Post-Secondary College Students,” Kathi Trawver & Travis Hedwig, UAA
  3. “Finding Food Security in the Cold North: Challenges for Vermont Resettled Refugees,” Linda Berlin, University of Vermont; Hannah Stokes-Ramos, University at Buffalo
  4. “Anthropological Contributions to the Study of Diet and Nutritional Status among Burmese and Congolese Refugees in West Central Florida,” Roberta Baer, University of South Florida
  5. “Rethinking What Food Security Means on a College Campus,” Nicole Peterson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Andrea Freidus, University of North Carolina, The Jamil Niner Food Pantry at UNC Charlotte; Students of the UNC Charlotte Applied Anthropology Classes 2015-2017