Panel: Farmer Challenges

Day 2, Afternoon Session II, 3:30 pm - 5:10 pm, BMH 235

(Theme: Agricultural Production)

  1. “Changing Local and Regional Food Markets: Perspectives from Vermont,” David Conner & Kali McPeters, University of Vermont
  2. “Rain on the Scarecrow, Blood on the Plow: Haunting, Terror, and the Agrarian Dream,” Lilian Brislen, University of Kentucky
  3. “You Treat Them Right, They’ll Treat You Right”: Understanding Beekeepers’ Scale Management Decisions within the Context of Values toward Bees,” Sara Velardi & Jessica Leahy, University of Maine; Kourtney Collum, College of the Atlantic; Julia McGuire & Melissa Ladenheim, University of Maine
  4. “Opportunities and Barriers to Increased Adoption of Organic Row Crop Agriculture in Texas,” Douglas Constance & Shyam Nair, Sam Houston State University; Nithya Rajan, Muthu Bagavathiannan & Ronnie Schnell, Texas A&M University