Panel: CSAs and Food Hubs

Day 2, Morning Session II, 10:30 am - 12:10 pm, ESH 206

(Theme: Food and Marketplace)

  1. “Comparing Embeddedness of Place-Based Agrifood Systems: A Regional analysis of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in California,” Ryan Galt & Kate Munden-Dixon, University of California, Davis
  2. “Food Systems Study of Homer, Alaska,” Kyra Wagner & Nicole Arevalo, Homer Soil & Water Conservation District
  3. “Developing Entrepreneurial Partnerships Between Farmers and Retailers: The Farm Fresh Food Boxes Model,” Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont; Marilyn Sitaker, The Evergreen State College; Weiwei Wang, Lisa Chase, & Hans Estrin,  University of Vermont; Diane Smith, Washington State University; Julia Van Soelen Kim, University of California Cooperative Extension
  4. “Impacts of a statewide Food Hub Network  on Local Food Purchasing in California,” Gail Feenstra, University of California, Davis; Gwenaël Engelskirchen, UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP); Li Schmidt, UC Davis