Panel: Farm Finance and Continuity

Day 2, Morning Session I, 8:30 am - 10:10 am, BMH 235

(Theme: Agricultural Production)

  1. “Farming on Paper”: Market Embeddedness and Farmland Financialization,” John Canfield, Loka Ashwood, Auburn University; Kathryn De Master, University of California-Berkeley; Madeleine Fairbairn, University of California-Santa Cruz; Anand Kumar, University of California-Berkeley
  2. “The Four Pillars of Farmer Security for a New Green Revolution in the U.S.,” Alana Chriest, Ohio State University
  3. “Rewilding, Regenerative Farming, and New Land Investments: Accumulation by Conservation or New Ecological Paradigm?” Kathryn De Master & James LaChance , University of California, Berkeley; Madeleine Fairbairn, Department of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz