Panel: Farmers Market and Mobile Food

Day 2, Afternoon Session I, 1:30 pm - 3:10 pm, ESH 206

(Theme: Food and Marketplace)

  1. “Manager Perspectives on Implementation of a Farmers Market Incentive Program in Maryland,” Amelie Hecht, Caitlin Misiaszek & Gabby Headrick, Johns Hopkins University; Shelley Brosius & Amy Crone, Maryland Farmers Market Association; Pamela J. Surkan, Johns Hopkins
  2. “FM360: An Approach Built to Empower Farmers Markets and Their Communities,” Joseph Nowak & Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, University of Minnesota
  3. “Finding Our Way through the Wilderness: Developing a Mobile Produce Market in a Commodity Crop Dominated Landscape,” Joshua Gruver & Elaine Vidal, Ball State University
  4. “Regulating and Organizing Chicago’s Food Peddlers, 1837 to the present,” Daniel Block,  Chicago State University & Laura Nussbaum-Barberena, Roosevelt University