Panel: Transforming the Food System Through Networks and Intentional Policies

Day 2, Morning Session II, 10:30 am - 12:10 pm, BMH 117

(Theme: The Politics of Food System Change)

  1. “Access to Healthy Food, Access to Farmland, and Access to Driver's Licenses: Community Food Systems at the Legislature,” Lauren Gwin & Lauren Johnson, Oregon State University.
  2. “Without The Garden We Never Would Have Met Him: Practitioner Networks As Post-Capitalist Shadow Structures,” Ashley Colby, Rizoma Field School
  3. “Networked Food Movement Collaboration and Concession in Denver, Colorado,” Joshua Sbicca, India Luxton, Colorado State University; James Hale, Independent Scholar; Kassandra Roeser, Colorado State University
  4. “‘Taking Roots’ in the ‘Wilderness’: Peopling China’s Frontier to Feed the Nation,” Xiaoping Sun, Saint Mary’s University