Panel: Agriculture, Resilience, and Climate Change: Part 1

Day 3, Morning Session I, 8:30 am - 10:10 am, BMH 235

(Theme: Agricultural Production)

  1. “Farming, Intersectionality, and Climate Change Adaptation in Arequipa, Peru,” Anna Erwin & Ruxandra Popovici, Purdue University; Glenn Roberto Arce Larrea, Universidad Nacional San Augustin; Jonathan Bauchet & Zhao Ma, Purdue University; Nelly Ramirez & Emma Patricia Salas Obrien, Universidad Nacional San Augustin; Laura Zanotti, Purdue University; Eliseo Zeballos Zeballos & Jorge Armando Zegarra Lopez, Universidad Nacional San Augustin
  2. “Transforming New Mexican Agriculture: Bringing the Wilderness Back to the Farm,” Catherine Day, Stetson University
  3. “Modeling Agricultural Land-Use and Water Security in California's Tulare Lake Basin: A Participatory Approach,” Clare Gupta, Helen Dahlke & Jon Herman, University of California Davis; Becky Teasley, University of Minnesota; M. Anne Visser, University of California-Davis
  4. “Alone on the Range: A New Generation of Rancher on the Rrontier of Climate Change Solutions?” Kate Munden-Dixon, University of California-Davis