Panel: Margaret Chase Smith to Michelle Obama: Food in the Public Sphere

Day 1, Morning Session I, 8:30 am - 10:10 am, ESH 209

(Theme: Food and Gender)

Panel organizer & chair: Amber Tierney, University of Maine, Orono

  1. “Defining Women’s Place: Recipes, Community Cookbooks, and Women’s Political Participation in the Twentieth­ Century,” Rachel Snell, University of Maine
  2. “Recipes as Record of a Woman’s Life,” Makenzie Baber, University of Maine
  3. “Margaret Chase Smith’s Recipe Collection: The Domestic Life of a Public Servant,” Amy Blackstone, University of Maine
  4. “The Domestically Political: How Women in Politics Have Used the Domestic Sphere as a Mode of Resistance,” Amber Tierney, University of Maine.