Conference Committees

Local Steering Committee

  • Zeynep Kilic, Associate Prof. of Sociology (UAA), Co-Chair
  • Rachael Miller, Assistant Prof. of Business (Alaska Pacific University), Co-chair
  • Elizabeth Hodges Snyder, Associate Prof. of Public Health (UAA), Co-chair
  • Dr. Gary Ferguson, Consultant  (Healthy Communities)
  • Andrea Schmidt, Convention Sales Manager (Visit Anchorage)
  • Chris Pavadore, APU, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Kyla Byers, Arctic Harvest Deliveries
  • Andy Mergens, Senior Director, Student Nutrition, Anchorage School District
  • Pamela Kaueiyakul, Pipeline Director, Launch Alaska

Programming Committee

  • Molly Anderson, Prof. of Food Studies (Middlebury College)
  • Raymond Anthony, Prof. of Philosophy (UAA)- local committee
  • Jennifer Berg, Director of Graduate Food Studies Program (New York University)
  • Rachel Black, Visiting Assistant Prof. of Anthropology (Connecticut College)
  • Daniel Block, Prof. of Geography (Chicago State University)
  • Paul Burger, Regional Hydrologist, National Parks Service Alaska
  • Tracey Burke, Prof. of Social Work (UAA) - local committee
  • Sally Carraher, Assistant Prof of Anthropology (UAA) - local committee
  • Dayna DeFeo, Director of CAEPR, Research Assistant Professor of Education Policy
  • Katie Dentzman, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Crop & Soil Sciences (Washington State University)
  • Beth Forest, Professor, The Culinary Institute of America
  • Iklim Goksel, Ethnographer and Independent Scholar of Rhetoric, Gender, & Turkish Studies
  • Zeynep Kiliç, Associate Prof. of Sociology (UAA) - local committee
  • Rachael Miller, Assistant Prof. of Business (Alaska Pacific University) - local committee
  • Marcy Ostrom, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (Washington State University)
  • Elizabeth Snyder, Associate Prof. of Public Health (UAA) - local committee
  • Caroline Brock, Associate Prof. of Rural Sociology, University of Missouri

Local Logistics