About the Logo's Artist

Evon Zerbetz carves with gouges and knives to create her bold imagery in slabs of linoleum. Working from her treetop studio above an ocean passage, the lifelong Alaskan is passionate about the characteristic lines, chop, and hatch marks that can only be created with a knife. She carves her imagery in reverse and prints the carved plates by hand. 

Her linocuts have illustrated eight books for children and adults, including the upcoming animal -packed picture book Dreams of Flight on Arctic Nights. Evon's linocuts, also packed with animals, are seen in fine art galleries, and her greeting card line.

Evon’s recent focus has been to create ways to turn her linocut work into large scale installations. She has built public art works in diverse media—glass, steel, wood, mobiles, and mixed media, all installed around Alaska. Her 65 foot glass wall We are Written in the Layers of the Earth, is installed in the Alaska State Library in Juneau, Alaska.

You can see more about Evon Zerbetz by visiting her website.