Panel: Food Histories

Day 1, Afternoon Session II, 3:30 pm - 5:10 pm, RH 101

(Theme: Food as Influencer and Disruptor)

  1. “From Fiji to Canada and Beyond: Voices of Unfree Labourers in the History of BC Sugar,” Donica Belisle, University of Regina
  2. “Tiger Bone Liquor: Technological Changes and Marketing Strategies in 20th Century Taiwan,” LIN-YI TSENG, Taipei Medical University
  3. “IndeFATigable: The story of history’s most persistent fat,” Taryn Ruf, Chatham University
  4. “‘It is Madness in the Extreme to Attempt to Carry on War with Such a System’,” Joseph Miller, University of Maine History/Army ROTC
  5. “This Anti-Plantation Banana Goes to Market: The Eccentric Commodity Chains of Wild Cavendish between the Philippines and Japan,” Alyssa Paredes, Yale University