Professional Development Seminars

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The UAA College of Engineering welcomes all students and local engineers to a seminar series which aims to foster collaboration and information exchange among Alaskan engineers. Light refreshments will be provided courtesy of our sponsor, BP.

Location: EIB - Engineering and Industry Building (2900 Spirit Dr), Room 211.  

Parking: Parking is FREE on Fridays!  Parking is available in the bookstore parking lot or across the street at the Health Sciences Building, with access to the EIB through the new pedestrian skybridge.

Time: Fridays from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm. Seminars will last one hour including Q&A.

Additional Information: Please contact Getu Hailu at  or Mohammed Heidari at

*PDH CREDIT:  To be eligible for PDH credit, a presentation must be viewed live or within 1 week of the presentation, and the related survey must also be completed/submitted within 1 week of the presentation.

Date Topic Presenter Livestream Qualtrics
PDH Eligible*
 9/6/19 Photoreactivity of Petrogenic Dissolved Organic Matter Phoebe Zito, University of New Orleans Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
 9/13/19 Seasonal Solar Thermal Storage Philip Hayes, P.E. (Alyeska Pipeline) Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
 9/20/19 Sustainable Power Production by Biomass Gasification Internal Combustion Engine Farshid Zabihian, M.E. (California State University) Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
 9/27/19 Solar in Alaska Michelle Wilber (ACEP) Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
 10/4/19 Oil Beneath Arctic Sea Ice: Predicting Under-Ice Storage Capacity as a Means to Anticipate Oil Slick Spreading Under Ice Kelsey Frazier, UAA Graduate Fellow with ADAC Livestream Qualtrics


 10/11/19 Expedient Airstrips in NPRA, 1974-1981 Tom Brooks, P.E. Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
10/18/19 Anchorage Storm Drain Pipes: Inspection Results and Findings Matt Stephl, P.E. Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
10/25/19 Development of Test Sites and Atmospheric Corrosion Studies in Cold Arctic Climate Dr. Raghu Srinivasan (UAA) Livestream  Qualtrics 1.0
11/1/19 Security Costs in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Dr. Sebastian Neumayer (UAA) Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
 11/8/19 Integrated Design Considerations for Net Zero Energy, Resilient Solar Communities in the Canadian Context Dr. Caroline Hachem Vermette (University of Calgary) Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
11/15/19 AI in Medical Applications with Small Datasets and Limited Labels Dr. Syed Muhammad Anwar (UET Taxila) Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
11/22/19 Enhancing Power Grid Resilience and Online Situational Awareness of Black-Sky Hazards Dr. Payman Dehghanian (George Washington University) Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
12/6/19 Clean Energy in Alaska            Colleen Fisk           (REAP)  Livestream  Qualtrics 1.0

Presenter Guidelines:

  1. People watching the seminar via livestream can only hear what is said into the microphone. During the Q&A session, the presenter should repeat any questions so the distance participants can hear them, too.
  2. Larger print on PowerPoint presentations make viewing easier for distance participants.
  3. Any pointer used in the presentation will not appear on the livestream, so verbal cues from the presenter are necessary.