Professional Development Seminars

The UAA College of Engineering welcomes all students and local engineers to a seminar series which aims to foster collaboration and information exchange among Alaskan engineers. 

Location: At this time, all seminars are offered online only. Use the livestream links below to watch each week's session.

Time: Fridays from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm. Seminars will last one hour including Q&A.

Additional Information: Please contact Getu Hailu at  or Mohammed Heidari at

*PDH CREDIT:  To be eligible for PDH credit, a presentation must be viewed live or within 1 week of the presentation, and the related survey must also be completed/submitted within 1 week of the presentation.

Date Topic Presenter Livestream Qualtrics
PDH Eligible*
9/11/20 Virtual Tour of the
Central Region
Traffic Signal System
Val Rader, Alaska Department of Transportation

Confidential Livestream


9/18/20 Applications of Lidar on Traffic Engineering Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, Assoc. Prof. Civil Eng., UAA


Qualtrics 1.0
9/25/20 Refrigeration and Compression Processes in Cold Climates Dr. Eivind Brodal, Univ. of Tromso


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10/2/20 Renewable Energy Implementation in Alaskan Islanded Microgrids (*Slides from 10/2/2020 Presentation*) Dr. Daisy Huang,
Asst. Prof. Mech. Eng., UAF &
AK Center for Energy and Power


Qualtrics 1.0
10/9/20 No Seminar  


10/16/20 Use of Herding Agents for In-situ burning: Lessons from Experiments in the
Arctic and Beyond
Dr. Srijan Aggarwal, Asst. Prof. Civil & Environ. Eng., UAF


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10/23/20 Decoding the Music-Listening Brain using Electroencephalography Dr. Blair Kaneshiro, Research and Development Associate and Adjunct Professor, Stanford University


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10/30/20 No Seminar  


11/6/20 Thermal Management of Stationary Batteries Martin Henke, UAA Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
11/13/20 A Multi-Process Approach Towards Manufacturing High-Performance Magnesium Alloy Parts Dr. Lukas Bichler, Prof. Mechanical Eng., University of British Columbia
Confidential Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
11/20/20 Rockfall Mitigation Tactics and Techniques Dr. Martin Woodard, Chief Rockfall Engineer, GeoStabilization International


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12/4/20 No Seminar
Seminars will resume in spring semester.  Please check back for the spring schedule after the winter break.


2/5/21 Engineering in Food Security Kyle Alvarado, Graduate Student, UAF Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
2/19/21 Dynamic Power System Modeling for a Changing Electrical Grid Dr. Phylicia Cicilio, Research Asst. Prof., UAF Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
3/5/21 Real-time Organ Motion Management in MRI-guided Radiation Therapy Ehsan Salari, Assoc. Prof., Wichita State University
Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
3/19/21 TBD  TBD  Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
4/2/21 TBD  Michelle A. Rucker, Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
4/16/21 TBD  Dr. Jifeng Peng, Prof. Mechanical Engineering, UAA Livestream Qualtrics  1.0