2016-2017 Professional Development Seminars

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Date Topic Presenter

Introduction into Greenroads®, a Third-Party Sustainable Rating System for Transportation Projects (1/20/17 PowerPoint)

Robert DeVassie (DOT)
1/27/17 Thermal Modeling and Testing of Building Envelope Assemblies (1/27/17 Presentation PDF Scott Hamel (UAA)
2/3/17 Water and Sewer CCTV Inspection Methods & Techniques (2/3/17 PowerPoint) Brian Gastrock (Stephl Engineering) 
2/10/17 Spatiotemporal analysis for travel patterns in Alaska  Caixia Wang (UAA)
2/17/17 Challenges of contaminated site remediation in the Arctic; twenty-five years of studies at the former Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) in Barrow, Alaska  Keith Torrance (UMIAQ Environmental)
2/24/17 Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (2/24/17 Presentation PDF)  Fritz Krusen (AGDC)
3/3/17 Summary of Metocean parameters for portions of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas (3/3/17 PowerPoint)  Andrew Metzger (UAA)
3/10/17 Assessing Fish Passage Success in Culvert Structures with a 2D Algorithm (3/10/17 Presentation PDF)  Alex West Jeffries (PND)
3/24/16 3D modeling of coastal erosion using SFM (Structure From Motion) (3/24/16 Presentation PDF)  Gennady Gienko (UAA)
3/31/17 Mercury Transport in Cook Inlet, from the Glacier to Knik Arm  (3/31/17 PowerPoint)  Birgit Hagedorn (UAA CAS)
4/7/17 Water Main Cured-in-Place Pipeline Lining & Horizontal Directional Drilling Underneath the Alaska Railroad   James Armstrong (AWWA)
4/14/17 Forecasting coastal flooding and erosion in Arctic Alaska Tom Ravens (UAA)
4/21/17 Temporal Trends in Surface Water Area using the Landsat Archive  Frank Witmer (UAA)
4/28/17 Arctic Oil Spill Modeling  Dana Brunswick (UAA)