2020-2021 Professional Delvelopment Seminars

The UAA College of Engineering welcomes all students and local engineers to a seminar series which aims to foster collaboration and information exchange among Alaskan engineers. 

Location: At this time, all seminars are offered online only. Use the livestream links below to watch each week's session.

Time: Fridays from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm. Seminars will last one hour including Q&A.

Additional Information: Please contact Getu Hailu at ghailu@alaska.edu  or Mohammed Heidari at mhkapourchali@alaska.edu.

*PDH CREDIT:  To be eligible for PDH credit, a presentation must be viewed live or within 1 week of the presentation, and the related survey must also be completed/submitted within 1 week of the presentation.

Date Topic Presenter Livestream Qualtrics
PDH Eligible*
9/11/20 Virtual Tour of the
Central Region
Traffic Signal System
Val Rader, Alaska Department of Transportation

Confidential Livestream


9/18/20 Applications of Lidar on Traffic Engineering Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, Assoc. Prof. Civil Eng., UAA


Qualtrics 1.0
9/25/20 Refrigeration and Compression Processes in Cold Climates Dr. Eivind Brodal, Univ. of Tromso


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10/2/20 Renewable Energy Implementation in Alaskan Islanded Microgrids (*Slides from 10/2/2020 Presentation*) Dr. Daisy Huang,
Asst. Prof. Mech. Eng., UAF &
AK Center for Energy and Power


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10/9/20 No Seminar  


10/16/20 Use of Herding Agents for In-situ burning: Lessons from Experiments in the
Arctic and Beyond
Dr. Srijan Aggarwal, Asst. Prof. Civil & Environ. Eng., UAF


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10/23/20 Decoding the Music-Listening Brain using Electroencephalography Dr. Blair Kaneshiro, Research and Development Associate and Adjunct Professor, Stanford University


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10/30/20 No Seminar  


11/6/20 Thermal Management of Stationary Batteries Martin Henke, UAA Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
11/13/20 A Multi-Process Approach Towards Manufacturing High-Performance Magnesium Alloy Parts Dr. Lukas Bichler, Prof. Mechanical Eng., University of British Columbia
Confidential Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
11/20/20 Rockfall Mitigation Tactics and Techniques Dr. Martin Woodard, Chief Rockfall Engineer, GeoStabilization International


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12/4/20 No Seminar
Seminars will resume in spring semester.  Please check back for the spring schedule after the winter break.


2/5/21 Engineering in Food Security Kyle Alvarado, Graduate Student, UAF Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
2/19/21 Dynamic Power System Modeling for a Changing Electrical Grid Dr. Phylicia Cicilio, Research Asst. Prof., UAF Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
3/5/21 Real-time Organ Motion Management in MRI-guided Radiation Therapy Ehsan Salari, Assoc. Prof., Wichita State University
Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 

Is it Time for an Energy Transition in the Alaska Fishing Fleet?

Chandler Kemp,
Owner, Kempy Energetics

Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
4/2/21 Human Mars Mission Concepts Michelle A. Rucker, Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center Livestream Qualtrics 1.0 
4/16/21 A Comprehensive, Process-based Model for Arctic Coastal Erosion
Dr. Jifeng Peng, Prof. Mechanical Engineering, UAA Livestream Qualtrics  1.0