2018-2019 Professional Delvelopment Seminars

Fall 2018

Date Topic Presenter Livestream PDH Eligible*
9/14/18 Why Did We Do THAT? Lessons Learned after Construction from an Owner's Perspective Stephen Nuss, P.E. AWWU Engineering Division Director Livestream 1.0
9/21/18 Incorporating Biological Treatment
into the UAA Alaska Water Sewer
Challenge System
Prof. Aaron Dotson (UAA) Livestream 1.0
9/28/18 Alaska’s Role in the Private Space Race Ben Kellie, Co-Founder and CEO, K2 Dronotics Livestream 1.0
10/5/18 Reliability Assessment of Power Distribution Networks Prof. Mohammad Heidari (UAA) Livestream  1.0
10/12/18 Introduction to Trenchless Technology Matt Stephl (Stephl Engineers) Livestream  1.0
10/19/18 Development of an Anchorage Climate Action Plan through Collaboration between the Municipality of Anchorage and the University of Alaska Shaina Kilcoyne (MOA), and Prof. Micah Hahn (UAA) Livestream


10/26/18 Water, Water Everywhere – The Challenges of Leachate Management at the Anchorage Regional Landfill Mark Madden (SWS) Livestream  1.0
11/2/18 Household Water Resources in Rural Alaska  Kaitlin Mattos Livestream 1.0
11/9/18 Performance-based Seismic Design: From Existing Building Assessment to Skyscraper Design Wael Hassan (UAA) Livestream  1.0
11/16/18 Structural Design of Plywood-Polyurethane Foam Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Associated Testing Prof. Scott Hamel (UAA) Livestream  1.0
11/30/18 The Snow River Outburst Flood: Building a Hydraulic Model of a Misbehaving River Robin Beebee (Alaska Science Center) Livestream  1.0
12/7/18 How Alaska is Leading the Way in Development of Local and Sustainable Energy Sources Prof. Erin Whitney (Alaska Center for Power and Energy, UAF) Livestream 1.0

Spring 2019


Topic Presenter Livestream PDH Eligible*
 2/1/19 Can We Trust Numerical Results?  Siegfried Rump (Institute of Reliable Computing, Hamburg Institute of Tech) Livestream 1.0 
 2/8/19 The Snow River Outburst Flood: Building a Hydraulic Model of a Misbehaving River  Robin Beebee  (Alaska Science Center) Livestream 1.0
 2/15/19 Increasing Reuse of Oil and Gas Produced Water through Integrated Management  Ted Peltier (Kansas University) Livestream  1.0
 2/22/19 Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Subsurface Analysis Shuvajit Bhattacharya (UAA) Livestream  1.0
 3/1/19 Sustainability on Steroids: Performance Dashboard Drives Sustainability Efforts and P3 Partnerships

 Mark Spafford (Municipality of Anchorage SWS)



 3/8/19 Paying for Rain: A Brief History of Stormwater Fees in the United States  Brian Chalfant   (PA Dept. of Environmental Conservation) Livestream  1.0

SEMINAR CANCELED (see "bonus" Seminar on THURSDAY, 3/28)

SEMINAR CANCELED (see "bonus" Seminar on THURSDAY, 3/28)

Livestream 1.0
3/28/19 Regenerative Design & Water Reuse: Lessons from Mars and Early Adopters of Earth Jay Garland (EPA) Livestream  1.0
3/29/19 Analysis of November 30th, 2018 Anchorage Earthquake (MW 7.1) Utpal Dutta (UAA) Livestream  1.0
 4/5/19 Bridge Inspection  Eric Thornley, P.E. (Michael Baker Intl) Livestream  1.0
4/12/19 Chemistry for Contingency Planning: Managing Invasive Pests and Oil Spills in the Subarctic Patrick Tomco  (UAA) Livestream  1.0
 4/19/19 Greater Prudhoe Bay: Unlocking 40 More Years  Jenny Jemison (BP) Livestream 1.0
4/26/19 A Changing Arctic Water Cycle: Understanding the Processes & Implications Dr. Eric Klein  Livestream 1.0