Professional Development Seminars

The UAA College of Engineering welcomes all students and local engineers to a seminar series which aims to foster collaboration and information exchange among Alaskan engineers. 

Location: At this time, all seminars are offered online only. Use the livestream links below to watch each week's session.

Time: Fridays from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm. Seminars will last one hour including Q&A.

Additional Information: Please contact Kenrick Mock at

*PDH CREDIT:  To be eligible for PDH credit, a presentation must be viewed live or within 1 week of the presentation, and the related survey must also be completed/submitted within 1 week of the presentation.

Date Topic Presenter(s) Livestream Qualtrics
PDH Eligible*
  Special Presentation - Visiting Professor        
6/7/22 Fuel cell power module for electric forklift with integrated metal hydride hydrogen storage system

Dr. Ivan Tolj, Asst. Prof., FESB, University of Split, Croatia

Livestream Unavailable  Qualtrics  
9/10/21 Broadband for Rural Alaska - Satellites to the Rescue! Dr. Alex Hills, Distinguished Service Professor of Engineering & Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Jens Munk, Professor, Electrical Engineering, UAA
Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
9/17/21 Automating Aerial Arctic Seal Surveys with Machine Learning Yuval Boss, NOAA Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
10/8/21 Cook Inlet Watershed Sediment Budget Natalie Wagner, MSCE Graduate Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
10/22/21 Location, Location, Location: What Does the Next Big Earthquake Look Like in Anchorage? John Thornley, PE, PhD, Golder Associates Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
10/29/21 Meandering vs. Braided Rivers: Bank Erosion Challenges Along the Matanuska River Paul Janke, PhD, PE, AK DOT&PF Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
11/5/21 Gruening Middle School Earthquake Recovery Project Ellen Hamel, PE, SE, Reid Middleton, Inc. Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
11/12/21 Northern Lights Boulevard Chester Creek Crossing Emergency Repair Erica Jensen, PE, PTOE, Principal Project Engineer, CRW Livestream Qualtrics  1.0
  Spring semester seminars will be added as they become scheduled. Please check back often for updates.        
3/4/22 Tides, Vertical Datums and Transformations for Coastal Engineering Applications Nathan Wardwell, Managing Partner, JOA Surveys, LLC Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
3/25/22 100th Avenue, A Surcharged Roadway Steve Kari, PE, Principal, Stantec Livestream Qualtrics 1.0
4/8/22 Investigation of Ice Crushing Forces on Vertical Piles with Tidal Accreted Ice Jasmine Langmann, UAA Graduate Student, Civil Engineering Livestream Qualtrics 1.0