Matt Cullin

matt cullin


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, 2009

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, 2008

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University, 2006

Teaching Responsibilities

  • ME A414: Thermal Systems Design (HVAC)
  • ENGR A251: Engineering Practices III
  • ME A664: Corrosion Processes and Engineering
  • ME A453/A653: Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
  • ES A208: Engineering Mechanics
  • ENGR A161: Engineering Practices II
  • ENGR A151: Introduction to Engineering

Professional & Department Service

  • 2012-2013, Faculty advisor to SAE Baja team
  • 2011-2013, Faculty advisor to National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) student chapter
  • 2011-2013, Member, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) scholarship committee
  • 2010-2013, FIRST Robotics Volunteer: Mentor, Head Referee, Judge Advisor, Event Coordinator
  • 2009-2010, Faculty advisor to American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (ASHRAE) student Chapter

Research Interests

Corrosion, failure analysis, fatigue, materials testing, compliant mechanisms, engineering education
  • 2014, PI, "Evaluation of corrosion of copper piping at Eklutna water treatment facility."
  • 2013, PI, "Implementation of a Joint Failure Analysis and Corrosion Testing (FACT) Program at the University of Alaska Anchorage."
  • 2013, PI, "Lake Otis Drive water main failure analysis," Anchorage Wastewater and Water Utility
  • 2013, PI, "Corrosion under insulation (CUI) microanalysis," BP Alaska
  • 2013, PI, "Bethel water treatment facility monoethylene glycol heating line corrosion failure"
  • 2013, PI, "Case iron sanitary line corrosion failure," UAA Facilities, Planning, and Construction
  • 2012, PI, "Investigation of corrosion rates and mechanisms of steel in monoethylene glycol solutions," BP Alaska
  • 2011-2013, Co-investigator, "Experimental measurement of flexure compliance values," independent
  • 2010-2013, Task PI, "Cold climate turbine operation," U.S. Department of Energy


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A Paris, A Bergeron., M Cullin, A Munk, "Fatigue behavior of stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt chromium molybdenum spinal rods", ASME Conference Paper (2010).

Career History/Work Experience

2014-Present, Associate Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage, Department of Mechanical Engineering

2009-2014, Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage,  Department of Mechanical Engineering

2012-Present, Director, BP Asset Integrity and Corrosion Lab,  University of Alaska Anchorage