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Ask an Engineer at UAA

Do you have an inquisitive child who asks tons of questions? Why not direct some of those questions to one of our engineering faculty, students, and alumni? In this video series, community members can submit videos of their questions for engineers, and we prepare video responses and post them online.  Use the button below to learn more about how to send in your own question for an engineer!


Ask a Question!


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Episode 3: How long did it take to build the Engineering and Industry Building?
UAA Engineering facilities manager, Kim Riggs, explains the process involved in building one of UAA's newest buildings, the EIB. She also showcases some of her favorite features of this new building.

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Episode 2: How can I make my own computer game?
Computer Science Professor and Interim Dean, Dr. Mock, explains what different types of game design there are out there, and some neat ways students can get a jump start on learning game design and programming.

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Episode 1: How much do you love breaking stuff?
Civil Engineering professor, Dr. Hamel, explains how engineers use special equipment to break all sorts of things in order to test their strength and to also observe the WAY in which things break.