Project Lead the Way



UAA PLTW Scholarship


The College of Engineering is proud to to announce a new scholarship for PLTW alumni!

A limited number of $1000 scholarships are available to incoming freshmen who have completed at least one Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course, and have applied to be a full time student at UAA designating the College of Engineering by February 15.  These scholarships are renewable for an additional year for full-time students who maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.


  • Completion of at least one PLTW course 
  • Complete UAA On-line Application by February 15, designating full time status at UAA's College of Engineering
  • A minimum unweighted cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or equivalent
  • Completion of Pre-Calculus or equivalent before high school graduation
  • Preference will be given to students who will have completed a year of Calculus in high school

Required Documents:

  • Complete UAA On-line Application by February 15, designating full time status at UAA's College of Engineering
  • Completed PLTW Scholarship application form
  • Transcript, including
    • Evidence of PLTW courses completed
    • Grades and unweighted cumulative GPA through first semester of senior year of high school

Next Steps:

Send completed PLTW Scholarship application and all required attachments NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 15th by email to

Download Application



Earn College Credit for High School Classes


UAA's College of Engineering offers two ways to earn college credit for high school classes: by achieving minimum required scores on appropriate AP Tests, or through completion of selected PLTW coursework.


AP Test Scores:

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, UAA's College of Engineering will also oppotunities for students to earn credit by achieving minimum scores on specific AP tests.

Course Offerings:

AP Exam Minimum Score Credit for UAA Course Number of Credits
Computer Science Principles 3 CS A101 Introduction to Computer Science 3
Computer Science A 4 CSCE A201 Computer Programming I 4


Next Steps:

A student desiring credit for an AP examination must request an official report of appropriate examination scores be sent to the UAA Office of the Registrar directly from Credit may be received for more than one AP examination.


View UAA AP Exam Policies

Anchorage School District PLTW Coursework

UAA’s College of Engineering is also proud to partner with nationally-recognized STEM program,  Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and the Anchorage School District.  In recognition of the rigor and content taught through PLTW’s K-12 Engineering curriculum, UAA’s College of Engineering now offers incoming ASD students an opportunity to achieve college credit by taking PLTW courses along with prescribed math courses in high school.  Required courses/credit options appear in the table below.  

Course Offerings:

*Students may choose either ES 103 (3 Credits) or ENGR 105 A & B (2 Credits) depending on their program of study and the recommendation of their College of Engineering Academic Advisor.

Next Steps:

  1. Apply for admission to UAA, designating the College of Engineering
  2. Upon acceptance to UAA, schedule an appointment with a College of Engineering Academic Advisor, and let them know that you will be seeking credit for PLTW courses.
  3. At your appointment, your advisor will work with you to complete a Non-Traditional Credit form.
  4. You will be charged $25 per credit for administrative fees.


Schedule an Advising Appointment


Turn AP Exam credit into Intro to Computer Science credit

For students that do not have AP Exam credit for CSCE A101, the following instructions can be used to test out of the course:
1) go to
     - The National Evaluation Series website
     - select the Register Now button
2) create an account at Pearson VUE
3) select UAA as the testing location and take the exam ($95)
     - the test is on a scale from 100-300, so a score of 220 is required to pass
4) submit a copy of your exam result with a petition to
     a) waive the CSCE A101 requirement if you don't need the credits
     b) substitute the test for CSCE A101 if you need the 3 credits ($75)