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Alaska Justice Forum

Alaska Justice Forum — A publication of the Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage

Study examines sexual assault survivor experiences

Ingrid D. Johnson, Randi Breager, and Katherine H. TePas

The Alaska Department of Public Safety is working with the University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center to better understand how sexual assaults reported to the Alaska State Troopers are handled and perceived, and which factors shape the likelihood of achieving justice for sexual assault victim-survivors. A final report including recommendations for practice improvement is expected mid-2020.

Alaska sex offense law: What has changed

Barbara Dunham

Alaska’s sex offense laws fall into three broad categories: crimes and defenses, sentencing, and post-release supervision and registry. This article discusses each in turn, looking at how these laws have changed following the 31st legislative session.

Academy expands medical forensic care and response

L. Diane Casto and Angelia Trujillo

The Alaska Comprehensive Forensic Training Academy, the first of its kind in the nation, trains nurses and health care providers to support victims of interpersonal violence in a trauma-informed manner and to preserve potential evidence and information for future prosecutions.

Legal representation and custody determinations

Ryan Fortson and Troy C. Payne

Do lawyers matter in case outcomes, and can this be shown empirically? A recently published study of initial custody disputes suggests that having an attorney can result in a more favorable outcome for the client, but only if the other side is not also represented by an attorney.

Editor's note

Henry Randolph

An update on the Alaska Justice Forum during times of change at the University of Alaska Anchorage, including the publication's transition to an all-digital format.

Fall 2019 issue at Scholarworks@UA

PDFs of the complete Fall 2019 issue and of individual articles are available at Scholarworks@UA.

The Alaska Justice Forum is a publication of the UAA Justice Center.

Leading Alaska toward a safer, healthier and more just society.


The Justice Center, established by the Alaska legislature in 1975, has a mandate to provide statewide justice-related education, research, and service. It is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; conducts research in areas of crime, law, and justice; and provides service to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy, and just society. 

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Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 35

35(1), Summer 2018

Summer 2018 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer 2018 print issue
PDF of Summer 2018 online issue

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 34

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 33

33(2–3), Summer/Fall 2016

Summer/Fall 2016 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer/Fall 2016 issue

33(1), Spring 2016

Spring 2016 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring 2016 issue

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 32

32(4), Winter 2016

Winter 2016 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Winter 2016 issue

32(2–3), Summer/Fall 2015

Summer/Fall 2015 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer/Fall 2015 issue

32(1), Spring 2015

Spring 2015 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring 2015 issue

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 31

31(3–4), Fall 2014/ Winter 2015

Fall 2014/Winter 2015 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2014/Winter 2015 issue

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 30

  • "Reducing Sales of Alcohol to Underage Persons in Alaska" by Marny Rivera and Shirley Coté
  • "Resources About Underage Alcohol Programs"
  • "Leading Causes of Death 2007–2010" by Sharon Chamard
  • "Resources on Suicide and Suicide Prevention"
  • "Experience of Racism in Anchorage" by Melissa S. Green and Sharon Chamard
  • "Selecting and Evaluating Alaska’s Judges: 1984–2012" by Teresa White Carns
  • "Criminal Justice Working Group Update, Summer 2013" by Teresa White Carns

30(1), Spring 2013

  • "Juvenile Justice, School Discipline, and Zero Tolerance"
  • "Trends in Juvenile Delinquency, School Suspensions, and Expulsions" by André B. Rosay and Marny Rivera
  • "School Discipline and the Zero Tolerance Approach" by Dean Williams
  • "Does 'Zero Tolerance' Work? Alternatives to Out-of-School Suspension and Expulsion" by Carol Comeau
  • "Zero Tolerance and Juvenile Justice: A View from the Bench" by William D. Hitchcock
  • "StepUp: Helping Kids with Discipline Problems Stay in School" by Barbara Armstrong
  • "Juvenile Justice and School Discipline Resources"
  • "Update on Alaska Victimization Survey Data Releases"
  • "In Memoriam" [Lawrence C. Trostle]

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 29

29(3–4), Fall 2012/ Winter 2013

Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue

  • "Moving Beyond Brands: Integrating Approaches to Mediation" by Brian Jarrett
  • "Alaska Correctional Populations 2011"
  • "Trends in Alaska Offender Demographics"
  • "U.S. Correctional Populations 2011"
  • "Alaska Prisoner Reentry Task Force Update" 

29(2), Summer 2012

  • "Public Perceptions of Judicial Fairness" by Brad A. Myrstol and Cory R. Lepage
  • "Bring the Kids Home": Alaska Community-Based Treatment for Children and Youth" by Barbara Armstrong
  • "Criminal Justice Working Group Update"
  • "Correction to Alaska Judicial Council Report"
  • "Dr. Rosay Awarded Visiting Executive Research Fellowship With National Institute of Justice"

28(4), Winter 2012 / 29(1), Spring 2012

  • "Self-Protective Behaviors in Anchorage" by Sharon Chamard
  • "2012 Alaska Dashboard: Key Indicators Impacting Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault" by André B. Rosay
  • "Notes on Recidivism" by Barbara Armstrong
  • "Offender Recidivism Figures"
  • "Predicting Recidivism for Alaska Youth: An Evaluation of the YLS/CMI Survey"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 28

Note: The Winter/Spring 2012 double-issue, Alaska Justice Forum 28(4)–29(1), can be found above listed with Volume 29.

28(2–3), Summer/Fall 2011

  • "Immigrants in Alaska—Authorized and Unauthorized" by Antonia Moras
  • "Enforcement of Immigration Laws" by Antonia Moras
  • "PACE: A Pilot Project for Probation Violators in Anchorage"
  • "Alaska's Five-Year Prisoner Reentry Strategic Plan, 2011–2016"
  • "A Brief Look at VPSOs and Violence Against Women Cases"
  • "U.S. State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Census 2008" by Bureau of Justice Statistics

28(1) Spring 2011

  • "Anchorage Residents' Perceptions of Police" by Brad A. Myrstol
  • "Internet Crime in the U.S. and Alaska"
  • "Internet Crimes Against Children"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 27

27(4), Winter 2011

  • "Prisoner Reentry and the Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act" by Deborah Periman
  • "Gangs: National Data and the Fairbanks Gang Assessment" by Khristy Parker and Shea Daniels
  • "Legal Definitions of Gang and Gang Crime"
  • "Gang Units in Local Law Enforcement Agencies"

27(3), Fall 2010

  • "Police in Schools: Public Perceptions" by Brad A. Myrstol
  • "Measuring and Fighting Meth Use in Alaska and the U.S." by Marny Rivera and Jenny Baker
  • "9th Circuit Update: En Banc Order Vacates Felon Disenfranchisement Opinion" by Deborah Periman

27(2), Summer 2010

  • "Unmet Legal Needs in the U.S. and Alaska" by Barbara Armstrong
  • "Unmet Legal Needs in the U.S. and Alaska: Web Supplement"
  • "Civil Legal Assistance and Self-Representation: Further Reading"
  • "Pro Bono Programs in Alaska"
  • "Correlates of Gun Ownership in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough" by Sharon Chamard
  • "Two Pilot Projects in the Alaska Court System" by Teresa White Carns

27(1), Spring 2010

  • "Sex Offenders in the Alaska Juvenile Justice System" by André B. Rosay and Ronald S. Everett
  • "A Look at Chronic Inebriate Housing in Seattle" by Sharon Chamard
  • "Proposed Housing First in Anchorage" by Barbara Armstrong
  • "Recovery Act Funds: Justice Projects in Alaska"
  • "Alaska Prisoner Re-entry Task Force" by Teresa White Carns

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 26

Winter 2010 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Winter 2010 issue

  • "Felon Disenfranchisement and the Voting Rights Act — Farrakhan v. Gregoire: 'A Crowd of One'" by Deborah Periman
  • "Juvenile Probation Officer Workload and Caseload Study" by André B. Rosay and Thomas S. Begich
  • "Alaska Offender Profile 2009"
  • "Correctional Populations 2008"
  • "The Language Interpreter Center and Interpretation in Alaska"
  • "Criminal Justice Working Group Update" by Teresa White Carns
  • "Project HOPE for Alaska" by Teresa White Carns

Fall 2009 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2009 issue

  • "Predicting Legal Resolutions in Domestic Violence Cases" by Marny Rivera, André B. Rosay, Darryl S. Wood, and Katherine TePas
  • "Attrition in Cases of Violence Against Women Reported to the Alaska State Troopers" by Darryl S. Wood, André B. Rosay, Marny Rivera, and Katherine TePas
  • "Reducing Violence Against Women in Alaska"
  • "Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence"
  • "Leading Causes of Death"

Summer 2009 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer 2009 issue

  • "Drug Use Trajectories of Anchorage Male Arrestees: 2000–2003" by Brad A. Myrstol
  • "A Look at Homelessness in Alaska"
  • "Victim Service Training Needs: State Victim Assistance Academy" by André B. Rosay
  • "Justice Center Research Overview"

Spring 2009 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring 2009 issue

  • "Anchorage Wellness Court: Challenges" by Ronald S. Everett
  • "Justice System Operating Expenditures"
  • "Criminal Justice Working Group Update" by Teresa White Carns
  • "Therapeutic Jurisprudence"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 25

25(4), Winter 2009

Winter 2009 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Winter 2009 issue

  • "Capital Punishment 2007 and 2008"
  • "Violent Deaths in Alaska and Nationwide"
  • "Collective Efficacy and Fear of Crime in the Mat-Su Borough" by Sharon Chamard
  • "Selecting and Evaluating Alaska's Judges: 1984–2007" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "An International Perspective on the Death Penalty"
  • "The Death Penalty in Alaska" by Melissa S. Green

25(3), Fall 2008

Fall 2008 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2008 issue

  • "Assaults in Domestic Violence Incidents Reported to Alaska State Troopers" by Marny Rivera, André B. Rosay, Darryl S. Wood, Greg Postle, and Katherine TePas
  • "Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases"
  • "Delinquency Trajectories in Anchorage and Fairbanks" by André B. Rosay and Ronald S. Everett
  • "East Anchorage Weed and Seed 2008 Community Survey" by Sharon Chamard
  • "New Forum Editor"

25(1–2), Spring/Summer 2008

Spring/Summer 2008 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring/Summer 2008 issue

  • "Sexual Crime"
  • "Case Attrition of Sexual Violence Offenses: Empirical Findings" by Darryl S. Wood and André B. Rosay
  • "Revisiting Alaska's Sex Offender Registration and Public Notification Statute" by Deborah Periman
  • "Sexual Assaults Reported to Alaska State Troopers" by André B. Rosay, Greg Postle, Darryl S. Wood, and Katherine TePas
  • "Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations in Alaska" by André B. Rosay and Tara Henry
  • "Anonymous Reporting and Forensic Examinations"
  • "Further Reading on Sexual Assault"
  • "The Number of Parents in Prison Grows"
  • "ECCA Symposium"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 24

24(4), Winter 2008

  • "Comparing the American and Russian Constitutions" by David Mannheimer. A longer version of this article is also available.
  • "Editor's Goodbye" by Antonia Moras
  • "History of KAROL—The Khabarovsk-Alaska Rule of Law Partnership" by Marla Greenstein
  • "Children With Parents in Prison"
  • "Prisoners in Alaska and the U.S."
  • "Immigrants, Refugees and Asylees Over the Last Century"
  • "Non-Citizens in the Alaska Correctional System"
  • "Justice Center Move"

24(3), Fall 2007

Fall 2007 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2007 issue

  • "The Hidden Impact of a Criminal Conviction: A Brief Overview of Collateral Consequences in Alaska" by Deborah Periman
  • "Therapeutic Courts and Recidivism"
  • "Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Fairbanks North Star Borough" by André B. Rosay and G. Matthew Snodgrass
  • "Mat-Su Community Survey" by Shel Llee Evans

24(2), Summer 2007

Summer 2007 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer 2007 issue

  • "Literacy and the Courts" by Katherine Alteneder
  • "National Assessment of Adult Literacy and Literacy among Prison Inmates"
  • "Literacy and Education among Alaska Inmates"
  • "DV Protective Order Videos"

24(1), Spring 2007

Spring 2007 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring 2007 issue

  • "Stalking in Alaska" by André B. Rosay, Greg Postle, Katherine TePas, and Darryl Wood
  • "Stalking Crimes: Do Alaska Stalking Laws Serve Their Purpose in a Wireless, Social Networking Age?" by Pamela Kelley
  • "Current Guest Worker Programs"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 23

23(4), Winter 2007

  • "Justice System Operating Expenditures"
  • "Review Essay — Terrorism and the Constitution: Security, Civil Rights, and the War on Terror" by John Riley
  • "Offender Recidivism Figures"
  • "U.S. and Alaska Incarceration Rates: Prisoners in 2005"

23(3), Fall 2006

  • "The History of Crime Mapping and Its Use by American Police Departments" by Sharon Chamard
  • "A Look at Immigration Numbers" by Antonia Moras
  • "Inmate Mental Health and Treatment: A BJS Report" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • "DV Protective Order Video"
  • "Rural Justice Bibliography"

Summer 2006 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer 2006 issue

  • "Minority Referrals to the Division of Juvenile Justice"
  • "Juvenile Arrest Figures"
  • "Juvenile Detention in Alaska"
  • "Arraignment Rights Video"

23(1), Spring 2006

  • "Sexual Assault Case Processing: A Descriptive Model of Attrition and Decision Making" by G. Matthew Snodgrass
  • "Report from the Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission: A Review" by Antonia Moras
  • "Reports of Other Commissions" (bibliography)

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 22

PDF of Winter 2006 issue

  • "Language Interpretation and the Justice System" by Antonia Moras
  • "Sexual Assaults in Anchorage"
  • "Alaska Justice System Operating Expenditures"
  • "Justice Center Evaluates SCRAM"
  • "Court Innovations in Domestic Violence Cases"
  • "Anchorage Attitudes Toward Justice System"

22(2), Summer 2005

Summer 2005 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Summer 2005 issue

  • "Homeless Youths in Homer: A Picture of Their Needs" by André Rosay
  • "Review Essay: But They All Come Back" by John Riley
  • "Probation and Parole in Alaska: A Snapshot"
  • "Making the Grade? Public Evaluation of Police Performance in Anchorage" by Brad A. Myrstol
  • "Center Conducts Network and Spatial Analysis Seminar"
  • "Justice Center Signs New Research Agreement"

22(1), Spring 2005

Spring 2005 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Spring 2005 issue

  • "Youth Violence in Anchorage" by André B. Rosay and Sharon Chamard
  • "Therapeutic Justice in Action: An Evaluation of Three Therapeutic Courts" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "Drugs and Crime in Anchorage: A Note" by Robert H. Langworthy and Alan R. McKelvie
  • "Victimization of Native Americans"
  • "SAC Coordinates Data Sharing"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 21

  • "Improving Public Safety in Rural Alaska: A Review of Past Studies" by Justin Roberts
  • "Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission"
  • "COPS Funds in Alaska"
  • "Studies, Reports, and Documents Relevant to the VPSO Program "compiled by Justin Roberts and the Justice Center

Fall 2004 issue at Scholarworks
PDF of Fall 2004 issue

  • "A Look at Judicial Selection in Alaska" by Antonia Moras
  • "Civil Trial Outcomes in 2001"
  • "Civil Cases in Alaska: 1999–2000" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "Gender Equality in Justice Professions" by Pamela Kelley
  • "Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in Alaska Justice Agencies" by André Rosay
  • "Judicial Selection in the U.S."
  • "Native Issues Articles Reprinted"
  • "Justice Center Projects Funded"

21(2), Summer 2004

PDF of Summer 2004 issue

  • "Alaska Justice System Expenditures, 1984–2001"
  • "Review Essay — Prisoners Once Removed" by John Riley
  • "Incarcerated Parents in Alaska Prisons"
  • "Anchorage Perceptions: Sanctions and Gun Crime Deterrence" by Brad Myrstol
  • "Loss and Restoration of Voting Rights in Alaska" by Antonia Moras

21(1), Spring 2004

PDF of Spring 2004 issue

  • "Police Patrol and Public Alcohol Use in Anchorage" by Brad Myrstol
  • "Human Rights Watch: The Mentally Ill in U.S. Prisons — A Review" by Antonia Moras
  • "Mentally Ill Inmates in Alaska Prisons" by Antonia Moras
  • "Corrections and State Mental Health Funding" by Antonia Moras
  • "Measures of Outcomes Associated With Alcohol Abuse in Alaska" by Darryl S. Wood

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 20

20(4), Winter 2004

PDF of Winter 2004 issue

  • "Forcible Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Anchorage" by André Rosay
  • "Population of Prisoners and Former Prisoners Expanding Rapidly"
  • "The Felony Case Process in Alaska: The Judicial Council Analysis" by Antonia Moras
  • "Appointment of Public Attorney"
  • "Disposition of Sexual Assault Cases"
  • "Western Criminological Review"

20(3), Fall 2003

PDF of Fall 2003 issue

  • "Anchorage Community Indicators"
  • "A Further Perspective on Satisfaction with Policing" by Matthew Giblin

20(2), Summer 2003

PDF of Summer 2003 issue

  • "Victimization in Anchorage: Findings from the Anchorage Adult Victimization Survey" by Matthew Giblin
  • "Number of Prisoners Continues to Grow"
  • "Visa Protections for Immigrant Victims of Crime" by Robin Bronen

20(1), Spring 2003

PDF of Spring 2003 issue

  • "Immigration and Naturalization Operations in Alaska"
  • "Immigration Court in Alaska 1993–2002"
  • "Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions" by Robin Bronen
  • "Reorganization of INS"
  • "Non-Citizens Among Anchorage Arrestees" by Brad Myrstol

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 19

19(4), Winter 2003

  • "Drug Use Trends Among Anchorage Arrestees: 1999–2001" by Brad Myrstol
  • "ADAM in an International Context"
  • "Alcohol Use Among Anchorage Arrestees" by Brad Myrstol
  • "Measuring the Use of Drugs"
  • "Fear of Crime and Quality of Life in Anchorage" by Matthew Giblin
  • "Review Essay — Invisible Punishment: The Collateral Consequences of Mass Imprisonment" by John Riley
  • "Child Custody Video"

19(3), Fall 2002

PDF of Fall 2002 issue

  • "Access to Legal Services for Alaskans with Low Incomes"
  • "Indigent Criminal Defense: The National Picture"

19(2), Summer 2002

  • "COPS Funds in Alaska"
  • "Children of Incarcerated Parents"
  • "Correctional Populations: 2001"

19(1), Spring 2002

PDF of Spring 2002 issue

  • "Alaska Juvenile Arrest Figures for 2000"
  • "Alaska Juveniles in the Adult System"
  • "Juvenile Detention in Alaska"
  • "Student Knowledge of the U.S. Constitution" by Lawrence C. Trostle
  • "Capital Punishment 2000 and 2001"
  • "An International Perspective on the Death Penalty"
  • "Sentencing Video"
  • "National Academy of Science Paper"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 18

18(4), Winter 2002

PDF of Winter 2002 issue

  • "The Court Coordinated Resources Project — Mental Health Court in Alaska"
  • "Evaluating the Anchorage Mental Health Court" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "Alaska Therapeutic Court Projects"
  • "Corrections and the Mentally Ill"
  • "Justice System Expenditures in Alaska and the Nation (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

18(3), Fall 2001

PDF of Fall 2001 issue

  • "Aspects of Drug Use: Arrestees in Anchorage, 2000" by Matthew Giblin
  • "Review Essay: A Country Unmasked: Inside South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission" by Antonia Moras
  • "The Design of the New Anchorage Jail" by Steve Fishback

18(2), Summer 2001

PDF of Summer 2001 issue

  • "Emmonak Juveniles and the Elders’ Group"
  • "Statistics on Alaska Traffic Fatalities" by G. Blair McCune

18(1), Spring 2001

PDF of Spring 2001 issue

  • "Hate Crimes: An Overview of Numbers and Statutes"
  • "Incidents Revealing Bias: Anchorage, 1999"
  • "Corrections Populations: Mid-2000"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 17

17(4), Winter 2001

PDF of Winter 2001 issue

  • "Circle Peacemaking" by Lisa Rieger
  • "Juvenile Jail Monitoring in Alaska" by Cassie Atwell
  • "Alaska Legal Services Service Learning Project" by Pamela R. Kelley
  • "Judicial Council Analysis of Civil Cases"

17(3), Fall 2000

PDF of Fall 2000 issue

  • "Anchorage CANS Program" by Matthew Giblin
  • "Interpreting and Translating in Alaska's Legal System: Further Discussion" by Phyllis Morrow
  • "Review Essay — Newjack: Beyond the Stereotype of the Brutal Guard" by John Riley
  • "Justice Center 25th Anniversary"

17(2), Summer 2000

PDF of Summer 2000 issue

  • "Officer Turnover in the Village Public Safety Officer Program" by Darryl S. Wood
  • "Alaska VPSO Program: Some Facts"
  • "Review Essay: A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion" by Sharon Araji
  • "Rape Figures"
  • "Langworthy Accepts 14-Month NIJ Appointment"

17(1), Spring 2000

PDF of Spring 2000 issue

  • "Drug Use Among Arrestees in Anchorage" by Cassie Atwell and Matthew Giblin
  • "Measuring the Drug Problem"
  • "National Drug Control and the Budget"
  • "Drug Cases in the Courts"
  • "The Alaska Department of Corrections: The Drug Treatment Picture"
  • "Incarceration on Drug Offenses"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 16

16(4), Winter 2000

  • "Obstacles to Minority Employment in Criminal Justice: Recruiting Alaska Natives" by John Riley
  • "Victimization among American Native Peoples"
  • "Center Welcomes Researchers"

16(3), Fall 1999

PDF of Fall 1999 issue

  • "Disposition of DWI Arrests in Anchorage: Profiles, Filings and Prosecutions"
  • "Immigration Court in Alaska: An Overview" by Antonia Moras
  • "ANTARC Meeting"

16(2), Summer 1999

PDF of Summer 1999 issue

  • "Firearms Use in Violent Crime in Alaska and the U.S."
  • "Review Essay: Race to Incarcerate" by John Riley
  • "Judicial Council Report on Palmer Probation Project"

16(1), Spring 1999

PDF of Spring 1999 issue

  • "The Brady Act in Alaska" by Cassie Atwell
  • "Notes on the Brady Bill (A Viewpoint)" by Lawrence C. Trostle
  • "Capital Punishment in the U.S. in 1997 (A BJS Report)"
  • "International Data on the Death Penalty"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 15

15(4), Winter 1999

PDF of Winter 1999 issue

  • "Growth in Corrections: State, National and International Numbers"
  • "Substance Abuse Among Prisoners (A BJS Report)"
  • "Rates of Reported Crimes in Alaska 1988–1997"

15(3), Fall 1998

PDF of Fall 1998 issue

  • "Inmate Histories: Evidence of Childhood Abuse"
  • "Prisoners in the U.S. in 1997 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Probation Revocation and Ethnicity"

15(2), Summer 1998

PDF of Summer 1998 issue 

  • "Native Employment in the Alaska Justice System" by Antonia Moras
  • "Prisoners in 1997: The State and Federal Picture (A BJS Report)"

15(1), Spring 1998

PDF of Spring 1998 issue 

  • "Criminal Defense in Rural Alaska" by Rachel King
  • "Juvenile Referrals: An In-Depth Look" by N.E. Schafer

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 14

14(4), Winter 1998

PDF of Winter 1998 issue

  • "Alaska Juvenile Arrests: Basic Figures"
  • "Alaska Juveniles Waived into the Adult System"
  • "Sensemaking and the Stereotype of the Brutal Guard" by John Riley
  • "Juvenile Records in Alaska"
  • "National Perspective: Juvenile Justice Record Disclosure"
  • "Death Penalty Internet Site"
  • "Alaska Supreme Court Report: Fairness and Access Problems and Recommendations"
  • "Minorities Referred at Higher Rates: Analysis of DFYS Data" by N.E. Schafer and Richard Curtis

14(2), Summer 1997

PDF of Summer 1997 issue

  • "Mountain View: The Context for Community Policing" by Antonia Moras
  • "Community Policing: Perspectives from the Field" by John Riley
  • "New Director for Justice Center"

14(1), Spring 1997

PDF of Spring 1997 issue

  • "Homicide in Alaska"
  • "Capital Punishment in 1995 (A BJS Report)"
  • "The Death Penalty: An International Perspective"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 13

13(4), Winter 1997

PDF of Winter 1997 issue

  • "Court Interpreting: Complexities and Misunderstandings" by Haydee Claus
  • "Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System (A BJS Report)"
  • "Committees Examine Interpretation"

13(3), Fall 1996

PDF of Fall 1996 issue

  • "Criminal Justice in the Northwest Arctic Borough" by Richard Erlich
  • "Criminal Victimization in 1994 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Courts' Task Force Urges Education" by Pamela Cravez
  • "Justice Center Web Site Develops"

13(2), Summer 1996

PDF of Summer 1996 issue

  • "Indigent Legal Services in Alaska"
  • "Indigent Criminal Defense: A National Perspective (A BJS Report)"
  • "Tort Reform and Access to the Courts" by Lisa Rieger
  • "Sex Offender Treatment Program"

13(1), Spring 1996

PDF of Spring 1996 issue

  • "The Trial and Hanging of Nelson Charles" by Averil Lerman
  • "Capital Punishment, 1994 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Public Safety: Shared Responsibility"
  • "Alternative Sanctions in Germany: An NIJ Report"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 12

12(4), Winter 1996

PDF of Winter 1996 issue

  • "Village Alaska: Community Characteristics and Public Safety"
  • "National Prison Population Growth (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alaska Prison Data: Some Comparisons" by N.E. Schafer
  • "New Justice Center Web Site" by Melissa S. Green

12(3), Fall 1995

PDF of Fall 1995 issue

  • "Public Safety and Quality of Life: Alaska Perceptions"
  • "Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties (A BJS Report)"

12(2), Summer 1995

PDF of Summer 1995 issue

  • "Community Problems in Alaska: Public Perceptions"
  • "Study of Tort Cases (A BJS Report)"
  • "Crimes and Arrests on the UAA Campus" by Roger C. Miller & Cassie Atwell

12(1), Spring 1995

PDF of Spring 1995 issue

  • "Detention of Juveniles in Alaska: Preliminary Report" by N.E. Schafer & Richard W. Curtis
  • "Case Management System Designed for the Alaska Court of Appeals"
  • "National Task Force"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 11

11(4), Winter 1995

PDF of Winter 1995 issue

  • "Implementation of Police Domestic Violence Policy" by Carrie D. Longoria
  • "Capital Punishment, 1993 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Capital Offenses, by State, 1993"
  • "HIV Risk Perception" by Andrea M. Fenaughty, Holly A. Massay, & Dennis G. Fisher
  • "ASLET Seminar"

11(3), Fall 1994

PDF of Fall 1994 issue

  • "Juvenile Detention in Alaska, 1993" by N.E. Schafer & Richard W. Curtis
  • "National Crime Victimization Survey Redesign (A BJS Report)"
  • "Gender Equality in the Courts: A Preliminary Look" by Sarah Josephson & Teresa W. Carns
  • "Court Video
  • "DPS Does Statewide Study"
  • "Mediation Project Receives Funding"
  • "Sex Offender Data"

11(2), Summer 1994

PDF of Summer 1994 issue

  • "Victim-Offender Mediation in Alaska" by Patrick Cunningham & Lawrence C. Trostle
  • "Prisoners, 1993 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Violence and Theft in the Workplace (BJS Crime Data)"
  • "Center Receives Gift From CIRI"

11(1), Spring 1994

PDF of Spring 1994 issue

  • "Coordinating Criminal Justice Computer Information Systems" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "Women in Prison (A BJS Report)"
  • "Guns and Crime (BJS Crime Data)"
  • "Guns and Crime in Alaska, 1987–1992"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 10

10(4), Winter 1994

PDF of Winter 1994 issue

  • "Legal Interpreting in Alaska" by Phyllis Morrow
  • "Violence Against Women (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alternative Punishments: A Judicial Council Seminar" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "Video Receives Recognition"

10(3), Fall 1993

PDF of Fall 1993 issue

  • "A Picture of Rural Justice: Alaska Judicial Council Studies" by Teresa W. Carns
  • "HIV in U.S. Prisons (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alaska Criminal History Data"
  • "Homicide in Alaska: 1975–1992"

10(2), Summer 1993

PDF of Summer 1993 issue

  • "A Sociolinguistic Mismatch: Central Alaskan Yup'iks and the Legal System" by Phyllis Morrow
  • "Jail Inmates in 1992 (A BJS Report)"

10(1), Spring 1993

PDF of Spring 1993 issue

  • "Processing Serious Crimes in Alaska: Do Differences Exist?" by A.B. Dellinger
  • "Prisoners in 1992 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Video Receives Recognition"

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 9

9(4), Winter 1993

PDF of Winter 1993 issue

  • "Alternatives to Incarceration: Suggestions from the Past" by N.E. Schafer and A.B. Dellinger
  • "Drug Enforcement and Treatment in Prisons, 1990 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Community Policing" by John E. Angell and Roger C. Miller
  • "Coming to Anchorage Video Available"

9(3), Fall 1992

PDF of Fall 1992 issue

  • "Alaska Correctional Populations, 1980–1992" by N.E. Schafer and Melissa S. Green
  • "Drunk Driving (A BJS Report)"
  • "Uniform Crime Statistics: January to June, 1992"
  • "Data Base Directory Update Available"

9(2), Summer 1992

PDF of Summer 1992 issue

  • "University of Alaska Initiates Crime and Arrest Reporting" by John E. Angell
  • "Crime and the Nation's Households, 1991 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alaska Prisoners, 1980–1992" by N.E. Schafer and Melissa S. Green
  • "Domestic Violence Video"

9(1), Spring 1992

PDF of Spring 1992 issue

  • "Parole Violators: A Glance" by Samuel H. Trivette
  • "Prosecutors in State Courts, 1990 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Village Public Safety Officers: A Further Look" by Lawrence C. Trostle
  • "Language and Justice

Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 8

8(4), Winter 1992

PDF of Winter 1992 issue

  • "The Nonenforcement Role of the VPSO" by Lawrence C. Trostle, Darren McShea, and Russell Perras
  • "School Crime (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alaska Community Corrections Residents" by N.E. Schafer and Michael P. Tubbs
  • "Sentencing Commission Releases Second Annual Report" by Lisa Rieger

8(3), Fall 1991

PDF of Fall 1991 issue

  • "Alaska Civil Rule 90.3 and Child Support in 1989" by Emily E. Read and Ginny Fay
  • "Crime and the Nation's Households, 1990 (A BJS Report)"

8(2), Summer 1991

PDF of Summer 1991 issue

  • "Patterns of Reported Crime in Alaska Villages" by Otwin Marenin
  • "Tracking Offenders, 1988 (A BJS Report)"
  • "Alaska OBTS" by Allan R. Barnes
  • "Violent Crime Control Act of 1991" by the Criminal Justice Statistics Association

8(1), Spring 1991

PDF of Spring 1991 issue

  • "Jail Monitoring" by N.E. Schafer and Emily E. Read
  • "Women in Prisons (A BJS Report)"
  • "Homicide in Alaska: 1965–1990"
  • "Center Holds Dicussion"