Dr. Ingrid Johnson interviewed for true crime series on Oxygen

by Ahliil Saitanan  |   

In the summer of 2021, the Oxygen channel visited Alaska to film a true crime series on homicide and violence against women in Alaska. The film crew interviewed Dr. Ingrid Johnson, Justice Center assistant professor, to give background information on crime and other relevant cultural dynamics.⁠ ⁠The series was released under the title "Fatal Frontier: Evil in Alaska" in November 2021. You can see part of her interview on YouTube, or you can visit the official Oxygen website to watch all currently available episodes.⁠ Johnson specializes in victimization, particularly violence against women, and has served as the principal investigator for both the Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS) and the Alaska Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (AK-SAKI) research project. She also teaches classes on rural-urban crime and justice dynamics in Alaska and on crime victimization.⁠ ⁠