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  • Vanessa Meade"There's been a few studies here and there about the kinds of resources people want to use, but there's so little that's been done in Alaska, so we don't even have a really good way to measure how many female veterans live in the state other than those who’ve enrolled in VA services. What we are really trying to do is to connect with the women who are not connected to the VA, but also to connect them to other resources and learn through their experiences how we as a state can implement better services to help them live more high-quality lives."

    — Dr. Vanessa Meade

  • Matthew Cuellar"(Relationship building) helps us address some of the stigma around policing, particularly in these lower-income or higher-need communities. It’s really important that we develop and foster the positive relationship between (students) and police."

    — Dr. Matthew Cuellar

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Name Title Phone Email
Donna Aguiniga Associate Prof, Interim Chair, MSW Field Coordinator 907-786-6906
Mary Dallas Allen Professor, MSW Program Coordinator 907-786-6992
Heidi Brocious Professor
Amanda Biggs Clinical Assistant Professor 907-786-6439
Tracey Burke Professor 907-786-6905
Matthew Cuellar Assistant Professor 907-786-6901
Mikki Easley Clinical Assistant Professor 907-786-6909
Alexa Filanowicz Clinical Associate Professor, BSW Field Coordinator 907-786-6908
Amana Mbise Assistant Professor 907-786-6910
Vanessa Meade Assistant Professor 907-786-6903
Jennifer Peeks Clinical Assistant Professor 907-543-4581
Rei Shimizu Assistant Professor 907-786-4708
Kathi Trawver Professor, BSW Program Coordinator 907-786-6915



Name Title Phone Email
Sharie Field Academic Specialist, Field Support Technician 907-786-6971
Jenifer Leigh MSW Admissions Coordinator 907-786-6453
Vacancy Program Support