Committee Letters

Committee Letter Process

Students within the University of Alaska system and its alumni interested in obtaining a Committee Letter from the WWAMI Pre-med Advising Committee will complete the following steps:

  • Completion of a Committee Letter Request Form
  • Completion of the Right of Access waiver – Students must complete the waiver form in which they are required to either retain or waive their right of access to their personal letters. If a student waives their right of access, they are not permitted to read the Committee Letter or evaluations written by individuals they select. While medical school admission committees prefer confidential letters, they cannot be legally required. In cases where students retain their right of access, the Committee Letter will so indicate. This waiver will be emailed to you via Docusign upon completing the Committee Letter Request Form. Alternatively, you may print and sign a copy of the Right of Access Waiver and return it to the WWAMI office in HSB 301 on the UAA campus. 
  • Participation in a Committee Interview
    • This is a one-on-one 30-60 minute interview with the WWAMI Pre-med Advising Committee member that will author your letter. This interview will allow you to share your personal/familial background, educational choices, professional goals, and the experiences that have influenced you along your personal journey.  The Committee member will also be observing your communication style, interpersonal skills, maturity, and professionalism during this encounter.  It is important to keep in mind that the interview is not an advising session. It is a professional interview that will influence the Committee Letter of Evaluation. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to your interview site, dressed professionally, and prepared to engage in a meaningful conversation. 
    • The scheduling of committee interview will be coordinated by the author of your Committee Letter. Expect to get an invitation for scheduling after letters have been assigned in early May.
  • Solicitation of individual letters of evaluation
    • Things to include in your solicitation:
      • A UAA Pre-med Advising Letter of Recommendation Form for each author to complete. This mandatory form is required in addition to the author’s letter of recommendation.  It will provide your authors with letter writing tips and specific instructions for the submission of their letter.  This letter will be used by the Pre-med Advising Committee to gain insight into your particular strengths.  It will not be attached to your Committee Letter and will not be directly shared with the Admissions Committee.
      • A copy of your transcript and resume
      • A draft of your personal statement

Students interested in requesting a committee letter from our Pre-Med advising faculty are encouraged to request their letter by April 30th of the application year.  Requests after that date will be accepted at the discretion of the committee.