Alumni & Friends

Share your knowledge, mentor a current student, or help arrange an internship. There are so many ways you can stay connected! Want to assist? 

Advisory Committees

Ben Craig, Northrim Bank
Wil Covalt, BSEE
Gary Gernstein, GCI
Ryan Haller, Abacus Technology, Chair
Kenny Laird, AVTEC
Jamie Lamb, GCI

Luke Blomfield, Davis Constructors, co-chair
Dave Gerland, US Army Corps of Engineers, Chair
Jesse Peterson, Hamilton Alaska Construction
Micheal Swalling, Swalling Construction
Jim Watterson, Watterson Construction
Joel Webb, Colaska, Inc.
Grady Fisher, AK Muni League/JIA

Meraiah Marvel, ASRC
Tanya Tresino, ASRC
Dave Daum, BP, Chair
Jason Charton, Conoco Phillips
George Borderieux (consultant)
David McCallister (consultant)
Steve Steel, Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC


Invest in Us!

Private support is essential for ongoing growth and development of the division’s programs. We are happy to work with you to fit your interests and abilities to program priorities creating maximum impact for the students. Senior Development Officer KaLynn Coffey, (907) 786-1887, can work with you to help achieve your goals.