Alumni & Friends

Advisory Committees

Play a key role in shaping the Division’s programs. Membership consists of business executives and owners, alumni, and other industry
professionals, to consult with program leadership to ensure the programs are relevant and aligned with industry standards. Interested individuals are encouraged to self-nominate.


Advisory Comittee Members  Place of Employment
Laile Fairbairn - Chair Locally Grown Restaurants
Maggie Kelly Alaska Visitors Services
Jason Porter Alyeska Resort
Elizabeth Johnston AVTEC
Phillippe Janicka Holland America
Nate Bentley Alumni, Altura Bistro
Rick Peterson Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge
Luke Peroni Peroni Hospitality Consulting
Tenelle Peterson-Wise Talkeetna Alaska Lodge
Steve Halloran Visit Anchorage-Retired


Invest in Us!

Private support is essential for ongoing growth and development of the division’s programs. We are happy to work with you to fit your interests and abilities to program priorities creating maximum impact for the students.