Change Application Forms (Graduate Admissions)

Fill out one of the following forms as appropriate.

Change Admission Semester (Postpone)

To change or postpone your admission to a different semester, submit the following form.

Semester of Application: Changing the semester of your application requires approvals of the department and the Graduate School. 

Note: your catalog year and graduation requirements may change. Contact your graduate advisor for more information.

If you will be taking course work applicable to your degree at a regionally accredited college or university your admission will be changed to incomplete and you must submit an official transcript from the institution you attend showing all grades before your application will be completed.

You must provide detailed information about the attendance at the other institution including: 

  • Name of Institution
  • Types of courses (graduate/undergraduate/professional development/other)
  • Attendance dates



Change Major (Before Admission)

If you have submitted your application and would like to change your major before being admitting, submit the following form.

You may only change your major prior to admission with this form. If your admission is final meet with the advisor for the program you want to be in.



Withdraw Admission

Withdraw your application completely by submitting the following form. Drop or withdraw from all courses on UAOnline.

If you are registered you must drop or withdraw from classes at UAOnline.