Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What and where is the UAA Application Portal?

    The UA application portal is where prospective students will submit their applications, review their application status, requirement checklist and more. To log in students use their email address and password, not their UA ID.

      Visit the Application Portal

  • What is UAOnline and how do I log in?

    All applicants, students and staff of the University of Alaska system have a UAOnline account. UAOnline is the secure website where you will register for classes, check the status of your  financial aid, pay your bill online, view your grades, and much more.

    It is very important to set up your permanent UA Username and password. In addition to UAOnline, you also need these credentials to log in to Blackboard for coursework and to access your UAA email account.
    Log in to UAOnline:

    • Here is a link to UAOnline. There is also a Quick Link from the UAA home page.
    • Click ‘Log In’ and enter your UA Username and Password.
    • To find your UA Username, UA ID Number and set/reset your password visit

    For log in help, call IT Services at 907-786-4646 or for other technical problems with or accessing UAOnline.
  • What is my UA ID and UA username?

    Your UA ID is your eight-digit student number. You will need this number to identify yourself when working with University staff. The Office of Admissions will send you your UA ID Number after you apply. It will also be printed on your Wolfcard student ID card.

    Your UA username will usually consist of your initials, last name, and (sometimes) another identifier. This is your login name and default email address. Example: John A. Doe is jadoe. 

    To find your UA Username, UA ID Number and set/reset your password visit
  • What is a Wolfcard?

    The Wolfcard is your UAA student ID card.

    Visit the Wolfcard Office to find out how to get your Wolfcard.

  • What is my UAA Email Account?

    Everyone at UAA gets an email address. UAA will send all official communications to that address unless you have specified a different preferred email address by logging in to UAOnline. You can choose email nicknames (up to 3). You can also take steps to forward UAA email to your preferred email address so you never miss an important message. 

    Access your student email account

  • What information do I need to apply?
    • US Citizens must provide social security number and date of birth or PR number
    • International students must provide their country of citizenship and visa status
    • A mailing and a permanent address
    • Where you attended high school and your date of graduation
    • Where and when you attended any other colleges and Universities
  • How do UA Scholars apply?
    • Alaskan high school students who have earned the UA Scholar award must submit an application for admission to the fall term following their graduation by the deadline of May 1st. Missing this deadline causes the award to expire!

    • UA Scholars who wish to take a leave of absence may reserve their award for up to two years by postponing their admission using the undergraduate change form after they have met the May 1st application deadline.

    • For more information visit the UA Scholar home page.
  • How do I choose a major?

    Explore UAA Majors.

    If you are uncertain which degree you want to pursue, apply to the Bachelor of Arts Exploratory program. This major allows you to explore different academic programs and examine the link between majors and careers. Then, your advisor will help you choose the right major for you.
    Note: The Exploratory major is eligible for federal financial aid as long as the student is eligible.

  • What degree types does UAA offer? 
    The degree type determines the level and the number of credits required to complete the degree.

    Occupational Endorsements and Certificates
    These programs generally focus on a single trade or skill. Some programs are less than one year while others are one to two years.

    Associate Degree
    These programs are generally two years, 60 credits. Associate programs prepare students for work in a particular field and can be a foundation for a bachelor’s degree.

    Bachelor Degree
    These programs are generally four years, 120 credits. Bachelor programs prepare students for work in a particular field and can be a foundation for a graduate degree.

    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
    These programs provide continuing education to those have earned a bachelor’s degree.

    Graduate Application
    Graduate Certificates, Master’s Programs and Doctoral Programs are for those students who have already earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  • What are the Colleges at UAA?

    Every major is housed within a particular College within the University of Alaska Anchorage. These Colleges are:

  • Do I need to submit SAT or ACT test scores?
    Standardized test scores are not used in the Admission decision; however, they are used for placement into math and English courses. More information is available at the Placement Exams site or at UAOnline. 
  • Where can I check the status of my application?

    If you have applied since September 26th 2016, you can check your application status by logging in to the Gateway to UAA.

    If you applied prior to September 26th 2016 you will temporarily be unable to view your application status as we convert all applications to the new system. You will receive an email with instructions to log in to the new system once your application has been converted. 

  • Are there application deadlines? 
    Visit How to Apply for all academic deadlines. 
  • Can I apply late? 
    For students who miss the main application deadline, a one month extension is offered for a $25 late fee in addition to the application fee. No applications will be accepted after the late application deadline.

    Before you apply late, consider that classes are starting soon and there will be many things to do quickly. Order/submit all of your transcripts right away because delays in submitting transcripts will delay financial aid. Review the New Student Checklist on the Admitted Students page for all of the steps.

  • What is a postponement deadline? 
    If you are unable to attend during your application term, you may delay your admission up to one year after your original application term.
    Students may postpone their application up to one year. Students may request to postpone a previous term application by the appropriate deadline listed on the How to Apply page by submitting the Postponement Form.
  • Can I make changes to my application?
    Yes. Complete the change form (form 1) found in our admissions forms page, or you can email to request changes to your application prior to admissions. 
  • Do I need to reapply?

    Once admitted and in attendance you remain admitted to the institution

    If you meet these three conditions you generally do not need to submit a new application.

  • How much does the application cost?
    The application is free for associate, bachelors, certificates, and post-baccalaureate applications. Graduate and doctoral applications are $75. 
  • How do I submit transcripts?
    Transcripts are required for most types of admissions. In order to fulfill an admission requirement, a transcript must be:
    • Official: Provided to UAA directly by the issuing institution in a sealed envelope or through a secure electronic provider.
    • Final: All grades and degrees are posted. There is no "in progress" work or future enrollment posted. (Partial transcripts are accepted, but a final is required before admission is complete.)

    Request an official transcript from your institution to UAA.

    Transcripts can be sent through a secure electronic transcript service by providing the following email address when requesting your transcript:

    Transcript can be mailed USPS:

    Enrollment Services Center
    UAA Office of Admissions

    3211 Providence Drive
    Anchorage, AK 99508-4614

    Transcripts being delivered by FedEx, UPS, DHL or a courier service should be addressed:

    Enrollment Services Center
    UAA Office of Admissions
    3211 Providence Drive
    Anchorage, AK 99508

    Do not email your transcript as an attachment to UAA. Electronic transcripts are only accepted from secure digital transcript services such as Parchment or the National Student Clearinghouse.

  • What transcripts do high school seniors need to provide?

    Applicants should review transcript requirements on our transcript page.

    High school students should ensure that they send their final high school transcript after graduation. This transcript must be sent to UAA directly from the school. The official, final transcript must include the following:

    • The student's full name and date of birth
    • The name of the school
    • All completed semesters of high school with grades
    • A cumulative GPA
    • A posted date of graduation

    Students graduating from the Anchorage School District can order transcripts online by visiting the ASD website.

  • What makes a transcript official or unofficial?
    • A transcript is considered official when it has been provided to UAA directly from the issuing institution. A student may  turn in their transcript personally only when it remains sealed in the original envelope.

    • A transcript is considered unofficial when it has been unsealed, opened, or forwarded in an email to UAA by the student. 
  • What makes a transcript in-progress or final?
    • A transcript is considered final when all grades and degrees are posted. There is no "in progress" work or future enrollment shown. A final high school transcript is required to have a posted date of graduation.

    • A transcript is accepted as in-progress when enrollment is shown for future terms or current terms with no grades posted. Another, final, transcript will be required to complete admission.
  • How do I get an official GED transcript?
    Students who earned a GED rather than a high school diploma will be required to order an official GED transcript from the state where the test was taken. Visit your official state government website for more information.
    In Alaska, students will visit the official State of Alaska website where many common GED related questions can be answered. 
    Students must complete the GED Transcript Request form and contact the state ABE/GED office to request an official GED transcript be sent to UAA.
    How to contact the Alaska State ABE/GED Office:
    Call: 907-465-4685
    Fax: 907-465-4186
    Mail: State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development State ABE/GED Office
    P.O. Box 115509
    Juneau, AK 99811
  • How do I submit a foreign transcript?
    Students that have graduated high school or attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States must submit an official copy of their academic transcript to World Education Services (WES) rather than to UAA. Do not submit your foreign transcripts directly to UAA. WES will analyze your international degrees and/or coursework and provide U.S. equivalents to UAA.
    • High school outside of the United States
      Students who have earned their high school diploma outside of the United States are required to order a WES document by document evaluation of their transcript. This option is only for students that have not attended any post-secondary institution outside of the United States. Be sure to designate UAA as the recipient of your evaluation. UAA does not accept WES evaluations from the student.
    • Post-secondary institution outside of the United States
      Students who have studied or earned a degree at a post-secondary institution outside of the United States are required to order the WES Basic course by course or the ICAP course by course evaluation option. Be sure to designate UAA as the recipient of your evaluation. UAA does not accept WES evaluations from the student.
    • What documents will you need to provide to WES?
      Review the document requirements specific to your country of education to ensure that your assessment is complete and accurate. Visit the Wes document requirements page to review your requirements.
    • More questions about the WES Process?
      Visit World Education Services FAQ page for answers to common questions. 
  • Do I need to submit transcripts from another University of Alaska campus?
    No. UAA Admissions has access to all UA transcripts.
  • Do I have to submit a transcript if I don't want the transfer credit?
    In order to be admitted to a degree seeking program you will be required to order transcripts from all institutionally accredited institutions you have attended that are not within the University of Alaska system. This requirement is not only for the purpose of transfer credit for the student, but is also required by the Board of Regents as part of our University’s accreditation and therefore cannot be waived.
  • How will my credits transfer into UAA? 
    The Seawolf Transfer Trail offers credit estimates immediately, recommendations for prospective students' best-fit majors, and customized support to guide them step by step through the enrollment process. Use this online transfer credit estimator to find quick and accurate information regarding how your credits meet degree requirements. For courses not available, submit a course for equivalency review directly in the Seawolf Transfer Trail. 
  • I am being asked to provide a transcript from a college I did not attend. What do I do?
    Contact UAA Admissions at The required institution may have reported to the National Student Clearinghouse that you were enrolled at some point. If this is the case, you may be required to send an email to the Registrar of the institution requesting a letter stating that you did not attend.
  • How do I submit other application documents?
    Additional documents for applications can be emailed as an attachment to Do not email transcripts.
  • My transcript is not marked received on my checklist, when should I call?
    It can take up to 10 business days for documents to be processed and appear as received on your UAA checklist. 
  • How will I know when I am admitted?

    You will receive a packet in the mail from UAA with a certificate of admission, letter of admission and other fun stuff. You can also check the status of your admission in the Gateway to UAA.

    Important Note: UAA launched new application software on September 23, 2016. Applicants who applied prior to this date temporarily do not have access to their admission status. Please contact Admissions at or a Student Information Advisor at (907)786-1480 to check your status.

  • How long does it take to become admitted?
    Admission is completed once UAA receives all transcripts and required documents. Once all requirements are submitted admission will be complete in 10 business days. (This may vary during peak times.)
  • I received my certificate of Admission, why does financial aid say that I am not admitted? 
    You have been accepted into your program at UAA, but your admission is not yet complete. Log in to the Gateway to UAA and see what is still being required on your checklist, in most cases, a final transcript is still required.
  • Do I have to accept my admission offer from UAA?
    No, UAA does not require students to formally accept their admission or pay a deposit. You will be eligible to register for classes when you submit your application for admission and meet with an academic advisor – just apply, send all your documents, meet an advisor and attend - that's it!