Pick-up Schedule & Locations

UAA Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

Last updated: Tuesday, February 6, 2018


  • Professional Studies Building
  • Wendy Williamson-Auditorium
  • Gordon Hartlieb Hall
  • Auto/Diesel Technologies
  • Lucy Cuddy Hall
  • Rasmuson Hall-Mixed
  • Allied Health Sciences


  • Beatrice McDonald Hall
  • Sally Monserud Hall
  • Eugene Short Hall
  • Wells Fargo Sports Complex
  • Student Union
  • Ansep building
  • Bookstore


  • Engineering & Industry Building
  • Health Sciences Building
  • Engineering & Computation Building
  • Natural Sciences Building
  • Social Sciences Building
  • Spine 1 and 2
  • Ecosystem Biomedical Health Laboratory


  • University Center
  • Bragaw Buildings
    • Bragaw Office 1
    • Bragaw Office 2
    • Bragaw Office 3 - Mixed
  • Aviation Technologies Building
  • Gambell Professional Building
  • Rasmuson Hall – Paper (ASD Voc Program Students)


  • University Lake Building
  • University Lake Annex
  • Alaska Airlines Center
  • MAC Student Housing
  • Edward Lee Gorsuch Commons
  • Residential Life Office
  • North Hall Student Housing
  • West Hall Student Housing
  • East Hall Student Housing
  • Fine Arts Building
  • Ansep Academy Building
  • Conoco Philips Integrated Science Building
  • Administrative & Humanities Building
  • Consortium Library


*Please contact the Recycling Director at uaa_recycle@uaa.alaska.edu if an earlier pick up is necessary. While we try to accommodate special requests, our recycling crew is comprised entirely of students, and the recycling pick-up schedule is built around class schedules. Please remember that while recycle can be expected to be picked up on certain days, specific times are not promised. It is advised that all materials be ready and accessible at 8am on the scheduled day to ensure pick-up. Thank you for your cooperation!