Recycle FAQs

Do I need to separate my mixed paper or cardboard from the regular trash? Doesn’t the recycle crew do that before it goes to the landfill?

The recycling crew is only able to collect from the recycle receptacles.

I have a separate box or bin full of recycling at my desk, why hasn’t the recycling team been by to pick it up?

Well, you're almost there. All you need to do now is take your personal bin to the nearest centrally located recycle bin. If your department doesn’t have a centrally located bin, please email or call 786-1108 to request a bin.

Can I recycle my plastic soda and water bottles, plastic bags, and food containers?

Yes, you can recycle plastic soda and water bottles, and plastic bags. The bottles must be #1 PETE bottles with neck and #2 HDPE jugs with neck. Also, you CAN recycle stretchy plastic film; however, you cannot recycle food containers. Avoid placing food containers in recycle bins as it will contaminate the entire bin.

Can I recycle used paper plates, cups, napkins, and towels? They’re made from paper right?

While it is true that these materials are generally made from paper, most of these items (once used) have food residue on them. For example, if pizza boxes have cheese or grease on the cardboard, they cannot be recycled.

How do I reach the UAA Recycle Program?

You can reach us by email at

Why doesn’t the recycling get picked up at night when the custodians do their regular maintenance?

The recycling team is made up of student employees so collection is done during the day.

Can I recycle coffee cups?

Unfortunately, no.  Coffee cups come with a lining which inhibits it from being a recyclable material.

Can I recycle batteries?

Personal batteries such as AA can be taken to Total Reclaim. Batteries purchased for and consumed by UAA can be recycled at UAA. Just tape the anodes, collect in a box or plastic bag, and place them on or beside the nearest recycling bin.

Can I recycle glass?

Yes! For beverages or food items bought or consumed on campus, place the glass container in either bins designated for can or plastic recycling. The UAA Recycle Crew will sort it out for you! 

Can I recycle books?

Yes; however, here are a few rules to keep in mind. Paperback books may be recycled and it's okay to keep both the front and back covers in tact. Hardcover books must have the front and back covers removed before recycling. Books that are bound must have the bindings removed before recycling.