UAA Geological Sciences Assistant Professor, Dr. Jennifer Aschoff

Jennifer Aschoff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
Office: CPISB 301N
Phone: 786-1442


Curriculum Vitae


2008  Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Geology
2003  M.S., New Mexico University, Geological Sciences
2000  B.S., Montana State University, Earth Sciences


Aug 2014-Present:  University of Alaska Anchorage, Associate Professor, Stratigraphy
Jan 2012- June 2014:  BP- America, Houston, TX, Specialist (Sedimentology/stratigraphy)
Aug 2008- Dec 2011:  Colorado School of Mines, Assistant Professor, Stratigraphy

Research Interests

The formation, fill and economic resource potential of ancient sedimentary basins is the primary focus of my academic research. To understand the linkages between tectonics, sedimentary process and basin dynamics, I use an integrated approach using a range of datasets. Typically, I use a mixture of outcrop, seismic, well-log and core in my research. The methods I use include detailed sedimentology, regional-scale outcrop-to-subsurface sequence stratigraphy, geologic mapping, provenance analysis, and paleocurrent analysis. Geographically, my research is centered in the Rocky Mountain Region. Because much of my work is mega-regional (hundreds to thousands of kilometers), I'm currently investigating stratigraphic problems in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, northern Arizona and eastern California. Stratigraphically, I'm interested in the Mesozoic with considerable past and current research in the Cretaceous, and recent interests developing in the Permo-Triassic. 

Core research themes that I am currently pursuing:

1. Understanding basin dynamics and their fill- especially the role of dynamic subsidence,
2. Applied stratigraphy and sedimentology as it pertains to the oil and gas industry,
3. Unconventional resources such as shale, tight-gas and tight-oil.

Current Projects:

1. Regional Sequence-stratigraphic Correlation of the Fox Hills Sandstone: Insight into the Stratigraphic Architecture of Long-transit Forced Regression and Dynamic Subsidence Migration
Charles "Brock" Rust, MS Student
Kristina Butler, BS Student
Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, Funded 2015

2. Understanding the Development of the Permo-Triassic Cordilleran Magmatic Arc and Associated Sedimentary Basins
Patrick Foster, MS Student
Pending- NSF Collaborative Proposal

3. Stratigraphic and Structural Controls of the Tight-gas Sandstones, Piceance Basin, CO
Max Hightower, BS Student
RPSEA (Grant Remaining from Colorado School of Mines)

4. Controls of Stratigraphy and Detrital Composition on Hydrocarbon Production Trends in the Tarn, Meltwater and Nanuq Fields, Alaska
Veronica Jones, MS Student
ASRC, Anchorage, AK

Recent Synergistic Activities

1. 2014 First Annual UAA Core Workshop

-undergraduate students presented their core descriptions/interpretations to local industry professionals and the general public in the Anchorage community. Students were evaluated on their technical content, poster presentations and ability to communicate with specialists and non-specialists from the community. Participants ranged from elementary school students to volunteer judges from USGS, ConocoPhillips, BP, AK Division of Oil and Gas, and UAA.

2. 2014 Alaska Geological Society Presentation
3. 2014 BP Energy Center Presentation
4. 2015 ConocoPhillips Center Presentation 

Recent Research Grants 

2016 NSF-Collaborative Research Grant Co-PI (in review)
2016 NSF- Collaborative Research Grant Co-PI (in review)
2015 ConocoPhillips Arctic Science and Engineering Collaborative Grant (Co-PI) ($100,000) 
2014 Petroleum Research Fund of the ACS Research Grant ($70,000) 
2014 Schlumberger In-kind Software Donation-UAA ($33 Million) 
2014 IHS In-kind Software Donation-UAA ($144,450) 
2014 Advanced Logic Technology In-kind Software Donation-UAA ($90,000) 
2011 Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) Research Grant ($1.1 Million) 
2010 Uinta Basin Joint Industry Consortium Continuation Research Grant ($51,147) 
2009 Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) Research Grant ($111,216) 
2009 Uinta Basin Joint Industry Consortium Research Grant ($32,992)
2009 US Geological Survey EdMap Research Grant ($14,250) 
2008 Utah Geological Survey Research Grant ($26,519)


(*indicates co-written with student)

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Aschoff, J.L., Olariou, C. and Steel, R.J., (in prep.), Bayhead Deltas: Identification, Significance and External Controls on their Development: Sedimentology

Aschoff, J.L., (in prep.), Improved Model for Supradetachment Formation from Growth-strata Analysis: Hornelen Basin, Norway: Geology


(*with student)

*Aschoff, J.L., and Rust, C.B., 2016, Process and Products of Long-transit Forced Regression of the Fox Hills Sandstone Driven by Dynamic Subsidence Migration: Insight from Preliminary Regional Correlations from Denver, CO to F. Peck, MT: AAPG Annual Meeting Foreland Basin SEPM Symposium, Alberta Canada

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