SPAN A101    Elementary Spanish I – 4.0 CR 
Introductory course for students with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language. Develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish for effective communication at the elementary level. Students gain understanding of basic cross-cultural perspectives. 

SPAN A102    Elementary Spanish II – 4.0 CR 
Continuation of introductory course. Further develops elementary listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish for effective communication. Enhances appreciation of cross-cultural perspectives. 

SPAN A201    Intermediate Spanish I – 4.0 CR 
Intermediate course for students with basic knowledge of Spanish. Enhances listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for effective communication at the Intermediate I level. Students critically examine diverse cultural perspectives.

SPAN A202    Intermediate Spanish I – 4.0 CR 
Continuation of first semester in intermediate Spanish. Further develops listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency for effective communication and in preparation for advanced study of Spanish. Students interpret diverse cultural perspectives.

SPAN 291    Seminar in Individualized Instruction
Prerequisite: One year of college Spanish. Fees. Special Note: May include working as classroom aide; may be repeated for credit when topic varies. Independent supplemental work under teacher supervision.

SPAN 301    Advanced Spanish Composition I - 4.0 CR
Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent familiarity with basics of all Spanish tenses. Fees. Offered fall semesters. Studies a wide variety of Spanish model sentences taken out of expository writing and excerpts from the works of thinkers known for their insight and mastery of style. Based on this information, students begin writing their own short simple compositions and advance into more complex ways of expressing their views and opinions. The study of synonyms, antonyms and other vocabulary building techniques, to expand the students' expressive capacity, is put into practice in regular verbal and written exercises. Conducted entirely in Spanish.

SPAN 302    Advanced Spanish II-Composition Analysis - 4.0 CR
Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent familiarity with basics of all Spanish tenses. Fees. Offered spring semesters. Oral and writing exercises continue to achieve language fluency and style through the reading, the analysis and production of expository and literary texts. A diversity of progressively more difficult prose samples, short stories and poetry are presented as archetypes to perfect the student's expression of ideas in Spanish. Writing practice is complemented by reading assignments and classroom discussion from simple to more sophisticated texts to prepare students for the literature courses. Conducted entirely in Spanish.

SPAN A310  Selected Topics in Advanced Spanish: Literary Trends and Traditions - 3.0 CR
Focuses on diverse literary traditions of multiple Spanish-speaking communities. Critical analysis applied through a variety of disciplinary methodologies (e.g. historical, cultural, artistic). Terminology is explored and developed. Enhances Spanish language skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and cultural literacy. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN 390A   Studies in Translation and Interpretation - 4.0 CR
Advances language skills through translation and interpretation to and from Spanish and English, focusing on a specific field every time it is offered (e.g. medical Spanish, judicial/court Spanish, business Spanish, Spanish for social services, etc.) Enhances and refines reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities. May be repeated twice for credit with a change in subtitle. Course conducted in Spanish. 

SPAN 432 Studies in Literature and Culture (Selected Topics) - 3.0 CR
Prerequisite: Reading ability in Spanish equivalent to three years of college study. Offered as warranted by demand. Special Note: May be repeated for credit with a change of subtitle. Intensive study of authors, literary movements, periods, and/or genres. Students will also analyze cultural material other than texts. TOPIC/ A 20th Century Latin American Master-Writers. The literary work of a selected group of women and men, known for their insight and mastery of style, is presented against the sociopolitical and ideological background in which it was produced. Chosen excerpts from these writers' works, poems, short stories form the basis for our study, our critical analyses, essay writing, class discussions, etc.

SPAN 470 Spanish Linguistics - 3.0 CR
Spanish Linguistics deals with phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax. While surveying the history and development of the language from its birth to the present times, the student reviews and analyzes phonemes, grammatical changes and rules, the vocabulary and its influences from and on other languages. Speech variation patterns in the Spanish peninsula and throughout Latin America are particularly noted in a panoramic view of the Spanish language as it evolved throughout the centuries and expanded across the world. Taught in Spanish.. Special: Note: It is strongly recommended that it be taken after Span 410.

SPAN 490 Topics in Hispanic Culture and Civilization - 3.0 CR
Prerequisite: SPAN 302. Panoramic survey of the Hispanic culture and civilization. Folklore and customs, literature, music, painting and other artistic expressions are studied within the geopolitical, socioeconomic and religious context of Spain and Spanish America. It emphasizes multicultural patterns and contributions of their various peoples that have shaped 22 countries of our world and have left a mark on others. Conducted entirely in Spanish.