Forms and Policies

Available Forms

The Office of Research reviews all Invention Disclosure forms submitted by UAA faculty, staff and students. Electronic submissions are not accepted because physical signatures are required. Once submitted, the form will be assigned an internal case number.

All completed forms should be delivered to the Associate Vice Provost for Research.

Intellectual Property Process

invention disclosure chart



  • Technology represents an incremental improvement to existing technology used by established companies.
  • Crowded field, potential infringement risk.
  • Customer loyalties exist towards particular companies.
  • Well-established distribution channels have been created by existing companies.
  • Regulatory approvals – such as FDA approvals needed – for example, high cost clinical trials.


  • Technology is usually disruptive.
  • Platform technology.
  • Broad range of applications for technology.
  • Potential to mitigate risk (exit strategy).
  • New market with high demand.
  • Clearly defined need.
  • Can overcome barriers to entry.
  • Short time to market.
  • Large market with significant growth.
  • Significant profit margins.

 UAA faculty, staff or students considering an Invention Disclosure should be aware that as part of their condition of employment and registration, there are approved policies on Intellectual Property ownership and sharing of royalties and fees.