Guide to Living Off-Campus

Commuter Student Programs strives to assist students in all of their housing needs; not only to help students find housing, but to also ensure that students are happy with their current living situations. Below are useful links to help search for housing, learn more about Anchorage housing laws, and more.

Finding Housing

On-Campus Housing:  If you are interested in the traditional collegiate experience, then check out the opportunities available at UAA's residential campus.

Off-Campus Housing: The off-campus Housing Board is located in the Student Union on the second floor next to the KRUA booth.  This board is open to students to use to find roommates and apartments for rent.

Off-Campus Resources

Area Housing Laws and Information (provided by the UAA Justice Center): A College Student's Guide to Landlord/Tenant Relations in Alaska, Conversations about Landlord/Tenant Law in Alaska (online video series)

Pad Mapper: This is a website that shows available housing on Google Maps.  It is a great visual tool to discover housing options.

  1. Enter a desired zip code into the search bar.  For housing near UAA, enter "99508."
  2. Click on the markers that appear on the map of the Anchorage area to view available housing.
  3. Take notice of housing near the part of the map labeled "University Area."
  4. Housing markers generally contain pictures, phone numbers, addresses, and information about the property.

Places 4 Students: This is a website that allows student to connect to landlords and roommates.  If you are searching for roommates or housing, you can create a profile using your UAA e-mail address.  This makes it possible to communicate with other UAA commuter students looking for a new place.

  1. Register by clicking on the "Students" tab in the upper right corner.
  2. Follow the registration steps. Recommended: use your UAA student e-mail address.
  3. After you register, you can sign in by clicking on the "Students" tab.
  4. Create your "Roommate Profile" or post to your "Student Sublet."
  5. Click on the "University of Alaska Anchorage" tab on the left side to view property listings, student sublets, and roommate profiles.

Local Property Managers:




For more information about Commuter Student Programs, please contact 907-786-1213.

University Disclaimer:  The University of Alaska Anchorage does not inspect, recommend, or guarantee housing listed on these websites.  All properties and roommates found on these websites are not endorsed by the University of Alaska Anchorage.