Union of Students (USUAA)

USUAA General Election will be held Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The candidacy window is now closed.

For more information, contact Zac Clark, Associate Director for Student Life and Leadership at
907-786-1371, zac@alaska.edu

The Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA) is recognized by the University of Alaska Board of Regents as the governing body for students enrolled at the University of Alaska Anchorage. USUAA provides opportunities to develop leadership and advocacy skills while representing student interests and needs.

USUAA currently has vacant seats available for students interested in joining. If you have questions about joining USUAA, don't hesitate to contact USUAA President Katie Scoggin or USUAA Advisor Zac Clark.

The petition window has closed for the Spring 2023 semester.


You can participate in USUAA meetings inperson in the Lyla Richards conference room, virtually through zoom or watching the livestream via the USUAA Facebook page.

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