Union of Students (USUAA)

USUAA General Election will be held Tuesday, April 4, 2023

UAA students will recieve the ballot via email the morning of Tuesday, April 4. Students will have 24 hours to cast their vote online. If you have any quesitons please contact Zac Clark, Associate Director for Student Life and Leadership at 907-786-1371, zac@alaska.edu.

USUAA Candidate Spotlight

  • USUAA President & Vice President

    USUAA President Canidate: Shanone Tejada

    Shanone Tejada Picture running for USUAA President
    Hello! My name is Shanone Tejada and I’m a Junior pursuing my Bachelor’s in Political
    Science, with minors in Legal Studies & History. I was born in the Philippines but have called
    Alaska my home since 2007. Some of my passions include hiking and traveling!

    USUAA Vice President (Spring 2022 - Present)
    UA Coalition of Student Leaders, Chair (2021 - 2022)
    USUAA Government Relations Officer (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)
    USUAA Senator (Fall 2021 - Spring 2022)
    Competitive Debater, Seawolf Debate Program (Fall 2021 - Present)

    I have two primary goals: Elevate the student experience and Empower students. From
    Orientation to Commencement, every step should be meaningful and memorable. I also want to
    empower students, by letting them know what their collective voice is capable of.

    USUAA Vice-President Canidate: Helena Ballard

    Helena Ballard picture running for USUAA Vice President
    Hi! My name is Helena Ballard, and I am a Junior majoring in Justice. I've lived in various
    places because of my military family, but I have lived in Alaska for the past ten years, mainly in
    Eagle River. In my free time, I enjoy skiing and paddle boarding!

    - UAA Panhellenic Vice President (2019)
    - Sigma Sigma Sigma Risk Management (2019)
    - UAA Panhellenic President (2020-2021)
    - Sigma Sigma Sigma Social Media Chair (2021-2022)
    - Sigma Sigma Sigma Honor Council Chair (2022)
    - USUAA College of Health Delegate (2022)
    - Member of the Society of Law and Justice (Present)

    Engaging students and elevating their student experience is at the heart of my mission. From the
    moment students step onto campus, until their final walk during commencement, it should be
    meaningful and memorable every step of the way.


  • USUAA Senator

    USUAA Senator Canidate: Macchelssy Dinganga

    My name is Macchelssy Dinganga. I’m a senator of USUAA and the Chair of the Student Academic Affairs Committee 


    Introduction to Computer Science (Harvard University)
    Multicultural Services
    UAA Honors College - 07/2021
    NSLS  Honors Society - 02/2022

    Helena Ballard picture running for USUAA Vice President

    USUAA Senator Canidate: Yuki Mustang

    Vote for Yuki Mustang for Student Government Senator. Yuki joined UAA this
    January and is majoring in Business Management. This is her first year serving on
    USUAA and she has previously held the role of Delegate. She is part of the
    Activities committee and Student and Academic Affairs committee.
    Yuki has created student government hours Monday through Friday to help the
    students connect with the student government members easier. She volunteered
    to help out at the pride center and advocated for the opening of the pride center
    on her very first day of college.

    She is currently in the middle of suggesting things like policy changes to make a
    way to make up missed classes based on reasonable absences are lateness. Trying
    to create a nutrition center at UAA. Yuki is also in the middle of creating a club
    for students, who are diverse and not yet recognized on campus and in the
    community for having a place of belonging.

    Yuki Mustang makes a point to come up with solutions to solve problems that are
    not being met. When the pandemic first started, she created a YouTube channel
    for self-improvement and domestic violence education as well as a Facebook
    support group. Yuki has a history of advocating for people in the L.G.B.T.Q
    community, disabilities, and a lot more. She makes a point to befriend people
    from different backgrounds to understand them more effectivity and help people
    more profoundly.

    Yuki Mustang picture running for USUAA Senator

    Other candidates:
    Chuol Both Mut
    Luis Sanchez-Ulloa
    Hannah Huber
    Mama Sallah
    Iqlas Dubed
    Joe Pavia-Jones

  • USUAA Delegate
    No Candidates
  • Concert Board
    Selma Casagranda
    Hannah Bissett
    Anthony Elijah Ponte
  • Green Fee Board
    Amanada Kemp
  • Media Board
    No Candidates

For more information, contact Zac Clark, Associate Director for Student Life and Leadership at
907-786-1371, zac@alaska.edu

The Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA) is recognized by the University of Alaska Board of Regents as the governing body for students enrolled at the University of Alaska Anchorage. USUAA provides opportunities to develop leadership and advocacy skills while representing student interests and needs.

USUAA currently has vacant seats available for students interested in joining. If you have questions about joining USUAA, don't hesitate to contact USUAA President Katie Scoggin or USUAA Advisor Zac Clark.

The petition window has closed for the Spring 2023 semester.


You can participate in USUAA meetings inperson in the Lyla Richards conference room, virtually through zoom or watching the livestream via the USUAA Facebook page.

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