Yearly Elections (Spring Semester)

Elections are held annually during the spring semester for president, vice president, senators, delegates, Green Fee Board, Concert Board and Media Board membership.


  • Enrolled in at least 3 credits at the University of Alaska Anchorage
  • A current minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Students with no established GPA, or a GPA that is between 2.5 and 2.0 can join USUAA under a probationary status. After one semester of membership, the student must meet the required 2.5 GPA or be dismissed from the assembly. If a student falls under a 2.0 GPA, they will not be eligible for probation and will be dismissed from the assembly.

Interested individuals should demonstrate an ability to:

  • Communicate and cooperate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Apply strong analytical thinking to policy issues
  • Reach consensus on complex issues
  • Think in an abstract manner and to see the "big picture"
  • Confidently interact with various UAA and non-UAA people and entities
  • Willingly take on a public role
  • Readily devote large amounts of time and energy

Election Policies

The UAA Student General Elections are overseen by the USUAA Election Board. All candidates and campaigns must abide by the policies and procedures set forth by the USUAA Election Board.

For more information contact uaa_electionboard@alaska.edu or call 907-786-1371.

  • Official Election Policies

    USUAA Election Board: Campaign and Elections Policies

    1. Candidates running for any elected position in USUAA must abide by the USUAA Code of Ethics and the UAA Student Code of Conduct policies at all times.
    2. The USUAA office, all USUAA property, the Student Clubs and Greek Life and Student Life and Leadership offices, and all non-election USUAA sponsored events shall be off limits for campaigning and campaign planning of any kind. The USUAA Election Board may exempt this rule in certain official USUAA sponsored events (i.e. candidate forum, USUAA assembly meetings).
    3. The Election Board encourages active campaigning that focuses the efforts around interacting in person with the student body through tabling, club meeting attendance, presentations at USUAA Assembly, Club Council, Green Fee Board, Concert, Media Board, etc. Please request permission to be on the agenda in advance. Time limits may be determined by individual organizations.
    4. Absolutely no campaigning, including the posting of materials, candidate endorsement discussion, or other obvious actions of campaigning, may take place in the USUAA office. Candidates currently holding official membership in USUAA may not discuss any aspect of his and/or her campaign platform or other information relating to the election in this location. Furthermore, the use of any USUAA resources to further a campaign is strictly forbidden (i.e. Resources may include: USUAA budget, computers, software, printers, equipment etc.).
    5. The USUAA Election Board must approve all physical campaign materials, social media posts, and mass correspondence of any kind prior to use. Candidates and campaigns must provide copies, direct links, posts and/or photos of all materials submitted for approval, and the USUAA Elections Board shall retain submitted copies and photos for the duration of the election to prevent confusion as to the approval status of submitted materials. Any and all campaign materials must be in accordance with the following:
      1. Materials may not convey subliminal and/or inappropriate messages.
      2. No candidate may attempt to monopolize space; everyone must leave room on bulletin boards or other appropriate locations for other candidates or groups to place their posters.
      3. Materials may not involve the use of student government funds, materials, or personnel.
      4. The election board must approve USUAA events, accomplishments, or photos for all incumbents that wish to highlight individual work in their current positions).
      5. All candidates will run an ethical campaign.
      6. Public libel (i.e. mudslinging) against another candidate will not be permitted.
        • Mudslinging is defined as: the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.
      7. Materials may not be posted until the established campaign date and the USUAA Election Board has certified the candidate. All campaign materials must be removed by the established date as set forth by the USUAA Elections Board.
      8. All forms of social media are sanctioned for campaigning.
        • All candidates are responsible for the content and oversight of the social media campaign pages.
    6. No mass e-mail communications via listservs (including, but not limited to blackboard) regarding campaigning are allowed.
      1. Individuals may initiate e-mails to constituents that have given their e-mail directly to the campaign.
      2. Election Board must be included in all mass e-mails/communication.
    7. Campaign materials may be posted on digital signage. There is a maximum of one piece of campaign material that may be posted to digital signage. You must send the material to the Elections Board designating that it is for digital signage and it will be posted on the candidate’s behalf. See specific requirements for digital signage for more information.
      1. For the President/Vice-President campaign, only one piece of digital signage is allowed as well.
    8. All registered trademark University logos may not be used without following proper University guidelines.
    9. The use of the USUAA logo, or any USUAA material (such as clothing, nametags, etc.) shall be prohibited from use in any campaigning and from inclusion in any campaign material. The purpose of this rule shall be to prevent confusion on the part of the student body as to whether a candidate is campaigning or performing the duties of any office the candidate currently holds in USUAA.
    10. Candidates and campaigns are prohibited from using items provided by student fee dollars in campaigning. Candidates and campaigns shall be prohibited from attaching campaign-related material to items provided by student fee dollars.
    11. No campaign material may be posted on or attached in any way to a vehicle without the expressed permission of the owner.
    12. No campaign material may be attached to The Northern Light distribution boxes, other newspaper or recycling bins, or any People Mover busses or depots. The appropriate parties must approve the placement of campaign material inside any campus building. For example: Approval to place campaign materials within the Student Union must be obtained from the Student Union Information Desk and be placed according to Student Union guidelines.
    13. The Department of Residence Life (MAC 6-103) must approve and post any campaign materials. Any campaign materials that are hung in residential campus without the stamp of approval will be removed immediately. If you would like to post your campaign materials on the digital signage in Residential Campus, please email uaa_oncampusliving@alaska.edu. No door to door solicitation is allowed on Residential Campus. Residents may post campaign materials on their own residence hall room doors.
    14. Campaign materials may be posted in campus buildings only on recognized campus bulletin boards and kiosks. The stairwells of campus structures shall not be available for the posting of campaign materials.
    15. The use of paint for campaigning on any UAA owned property is prohibited.
    16. No campaign material may be taped to the ground, walkways, or parking areas.
    17. No campaign material, campaign supporter, or campaigning of any kind shall be permitted within 30 feet of any official polling place on the days of elections or referenda.
    18. T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and all other campaign material must be covered when entering an official polling place. Candidates and campaigns shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with this rule. The USUAA Election Board shall be responsible for periodically monitoring official polling places to verify compliance with this rule.
    19. Drug/Alcohol policy:
      1. No active campaigning may take place in an establishment that is denying entrance to patrons under the age of 21.
      2. There shall be no exchange of alcohol in the attempt to influence a vote or votes.
      3. There shall be no encouraging alcohol consumption.
      4. Any emblem or logo from an establishment that produces, distributes, or serves alcoholic beverages that is included on any campaign material must be accompanied by an appropriate responsible drinking emblem or logo of equal or larger size.
      5. No illegal drug related activities may be involved in fundraising or campaigning and must be in accordance with University of Alaska policies.
    20. Finance Policy:
      1. The Election Board limits spending for all campaigns to a total of $150.
      2. USUAA does not provide funding to support campaigning for individual candidates; the expense of campaigns resides solely with the candidate.
      3. Registered Student clubs and organizations may use funds within their University account for the purpose of endorsing or supporting candidates.
        1. Any material purchased with student club funds must bear the name of the registered student club or organization.
        2. If a student club and/or organization reserves space and/or a facility on behalf of a candidate, the club/organization will be considered liable.
        3. Student clubs and organizations endorsing or supporting a candidate through financial means are not eligible to serve as polling commissioners.
      4. Candidates may seek donations from local businesses., total donations may not exceed the campaign spending limit. Any donation should be recorded and used at fair market value.
      5. Any item used by a campaign must be to promote the candidate and not in exchange for votes.
        1. No gifts, food, or items (except campaign flyers) may be given out on Election Day(s).
      6. Candidates, registered student clubs and organizations, and other official groups may not apply for USUAA funding to specifically support a campaign (i.e. Club Council event funding).
      7. Candidates must submit a budget summary including spending and donations by 5pm the day prior to the election. If your summary isn’t received by the deadline, you will not be listed as an official candidate on the ballot until it is received.
    21. Any students campaigning that are not currently members of the USUAA assembly, Green Fee Board, Concert Board, or Media Board and want to be able to review any internal working documents during campaign season may do so, by requesting permission from the USUAA advisor or designee.
    22. Candidates may seek endorsements and support from individual students, student clubs or Greek Life organizations. Official endorsements from student clubs require approval from the President, Secretary (or other designated position) and Advisor. Students may not seek endorsements from faculty or staff within the UA system. Endorsement forms must be completed and submitted to the Election Board.
      1. Use of any club or Greek life logos requires approval as stated above.
    23. The USUAA Election Board reserves the right to add to, delete, or modify these policies at any time
      1. This includes prior to and during the election.
      2. Additional policies may be implemented if the President/Vice-President candidates are incumbents.
    24. Deviation from the candidacy requirements and policies may result in your disqualification as a candidate.
    25. In the event a candidate violates these or any other regulations of the USUAA Election Board or the University, the following sanctions are examples of actions that may be taken: Verbal warning, written warning, public reprimand, removal from the ballot, and/or disciplinary referral to the Dean of Students Office.
      1. The decision to levy a sanction lies solely within the discretion of the USUAA Election Board and depends on the severity of the infraction.
      2. Information regarding the Election Board members and their backgrounds will be available to candidates upon their written request. Additionally, candidates may meet with the Election Board at any of the general meetings is prior arrangements are made.

    Students and candidates wishing to report a violation regarding the elections process or contest the certified results must complete an official Elections Violation Form.