Welcome from the Chief

Portrait of Jeff Earle, UPD Chief

Welcome Seawolves,

UAA is a diverse community striving to increase and expand knowledge in a safe and inclusive environment. Within UPD, we take our charge to keep our community safe seriously and rely on our personnel and community partners to assist us in implementing safety measures. 

Safety is ultimately everyone’s responsibility, and we encourage you to use the “See Something, Say Something” method if you see suspicious activity on campus, feel unsafe or are witnessing threatening behavior. Although the UAA Anchorage campus is statistically safer than the rest of the Municipality of Anchorage, crime still occurs, and we count on the members of our community to make informed decisions about safety. 

To mitigate crime on campus, we offer a wide range of safety and crime prevention education opportunities like the RAD self defense program and Operation ID to raise awareness within our university community. We are active within our campus and Anchorage communities, attending local events and continuing to foster and strengthen our professional and personal relationships with local law enforcement agencies. 

UPD is a resource for all students, faculty, staff and community members, and we are happy to assist people regardless of their need. As we have all learned over the past couple of years filled with uncertainty and the various challenges our university faced, patience and understanding are incredibly important. 

We will be working diligently to improve our webpage and social media outreach to engage with our community where they are, in both physical and virtual spaces. We look forward to working with you, hearing from you and furthering our campus community’s safety and crime prevention efforts. 

Go Seawolves!!!

Jeff Earle
University of Alaska Anchorage Police Department
Chief of Police