GIS/Cultural Research Lab

gis/cultural lab

The UAA Anthropology Department's GIS/Cultural Research Laboratory is used by faculty and student for historical archaeology projects, digital drafting, surveying and mapping, other GIS projects, general and applied cultural anthropological research, visual anthropology, and other long-term student and faculty research projects.

The Laboratory is partitioned into an interview space lined with noise-dampening walls, and a computer and printing space. The computer area is equipped with printers, a large poster printer, a flatbed scanner, film negative scanner, transcription equipment and audio/video recording and editing equipment.

The Anthropology Department also shares a 20-seat workstation GIS lab with the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, also located in Beatrice McDonald Hall. The UAA campus additionally offers several computer labs, including a large GIS facility administered by the Geomatics Department, and linguistic analysis facilities and equipment administered by the English Department.

Specialized software available on our computers includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, graphic design and video/web editing, and statistical as well as qualitative analysis software.