Graduate Admissions

Priority deadline to apply to the MA program is March 15 for fall admission!

Application for Admission to the Master's Program in Applied Anthropology

The Master’s Program in Applied Anthropology has a priority deadline of March 15. Late applications will be considered if departmental capacity allows.

Students interested in the applying to the program should have completed at least 18 credits of undergraduate coursework in anthropology with a minimum GPA of 3.00. However, provisional admission is possible if this criterion is not met.

Accelerated Master’s Program for Current UAA Undergraduates

Students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Anthropology at UAA who are interested in pursuing a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology are encouraged to discuss the Accelerated MA in Anthropology option with their academic advisor(s) and plan on applying for admission to the MA in Anthropology during their junior or senior years. Students admitted to the Accelerated MA in Applied Anthropology option may apply up to six (6) credits of approved 400-level electives from their BA or BS in Anthropology at UAA toward the graduation requirements of the MA in Applied Anthropology.

Steps for Applying to the Master’s Program

All students applying for admission to the MA in Applied Anthropology should:

  1. Reach out early in the application process to any anthropology faculty at UAA whose research interests align with your own, to inquire if they are available to take new students, and interested in working with you. Share your areas of interests and what area of research you’d like to pursue in graduate studies.
  2. Ensure that you satisfy UAA’s Admissions Requirements for Graduate Degrees.
  3. Gather and prepare the required supplementary application materials:
    1. Three letters of recommendation: Three letters of recommendation from professors or other professionals particularly qualified to attest to your qualifications for graduate study. It is highly recommended that at least two of these letters come from professors from whom you took courses or worked with, or from professionals in a field closely related to the kind of graduate research you wish to do. Letters may also come from previous employers or managers who know you professionally, or community leaders who can speak to your strengths and ability to perform well in graduate studies. Letters should not come from peers or family members.
    2. Letter of intent: This should include a brief statement (1-2 pages) of your research interests, career goals, and reasons for pursuing graduate study in anthropology at UAA.
    3. Writing sample: The writing sample is crucial as it allows faculty to assess the likelihood that applicants are able to write, synthesize information, make well-supported arguments, and perform at a graduate level. The writing sample may be any paper or report you have for a class, project, or for a previous job. It does not have to be on a subject related to your proposed research interests, and may be any style and format, so long as it showcases your ability to write academically or professionally. You must be the sole author of the writing sample. No co-authored works will be accepted.
  4. Follow the Graduate School’s Steps for Application to UAA. This includes completing an admission application (where you upload all the supplementary application materials from above) and submitting official transcripts for all undergraduate institutions attended. Official transcripts must be submitted in an officially sealed envelope or through a secure electronic provider.

The Decision Process

When all documents have been received by the UAA Office of Admissions through the online Application Portal, Admissions then forwards copies of the materials to the Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Anthropology & Geography. These materials become the property of UAA and are only released or copied for use within the University of Alaska system for admissions purposes.

The Anthropology Graduate Admissions Committee meets in the spring to review applications. Incomplete files are not considered for admission. Acceptance into the program is determined by the Committee and is based on the prospective student's overall credentials and the availability of appropriate faculty for student research interests.

Following the decision by the faculty, the Graduate Program Coordinator notifies the Office of Admissions. All applicants will receive e-mail notice from the Graduate Program Coordinator with an offer of admission, provisional admission, or a notice of rejection of admission. If offered admission or provisional admission, applicants are instructed in the e-mail to accept or withdraw from our offer of admission by the expressed deadline. After the Graduate Program Coordinator receives confirmation of acceptance, or withdrawal, of applicant offers, the student registration process begins. Upon admission, an initial advisor is assigned to students based on interests and other academic criteria.

Please contact Diane Hanson, Anthropology Graduate Program Coordinator, for further information.