Elements of Progress

Elements of Progress

Chemistry is the science which is concerned with substances - their properties, composition, and reactions. Recent advances in chemistry have exerted a profound influence on the progress of medicine, agriculture, industry, and commerce.

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The undergraduate courses in chemistry offered at UAA are designed primarily to provide a broad knowledge of the field as a part of the program of liberal education offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. They are also designed to provide a substantial foundation in chemistry for students interested in post-graduate studies in chemistry or other sciences, preparation for professional degrees, teaching, or a career in government or industry. Students majoring in chemistry will meet basic course requirements in inorganic, analytical, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry.

 Biochemistry courses are designed for students who prefer a more biologically oriented approach to chemistry. During the past 25 years biochemistry has become a central scientific discipline linking the chemical, physical, and biological sciences. By applying the concepts and methods of chemistry to the problems of biology, biochemists have made great progress in explaining life in chemical terms.

  • Supplemental instruction

    SISupplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are additional instruction (face to face) on the course material but is taught by a peer and focuses on working through problems that are associated with the material covered in course the syllabus. Learn more about CHEM SI.

  • ccew Illustrated Poem contest

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    For Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW), the UAA Chemistry Club volunteered for the CCEW Illustrated Poem Contest, an American Chemical Society outreach program. Learn more about the CCEW Illustrated Poem Contest.

  • Aleks for Chemistry placement

    Aleks for Chem

    Starting Fall 2018, students will be able to use the ALEKS for Chemistry course assessment and preparation tool.  Learn more about the ALEKS for Chemistry.


Chem Tutoring

The Department of Chemistry provides tutoring for students who are taking 0-300 level chemistry courses, free of charge.  For more information, please check out our tutoring schedule.

Chemistry Tutoring Schedule


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If you have questions about the Chemistry program, contact the Academic Advisors for the College of Arts and Sciences:
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David House
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