Patrick Tomco, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick Tomco
Associate Professor/ASET Director
Department of Chemistry
(907) 786-1260


  • Ph.D. in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, University of California, Davis
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno


Patrick Tomco, Ph.D. is currently responsible for teaching general and organic chemistry.  His research interests include: nutrient cycling, contaminant fate and transport, LC/MS/MS instrumental analysis, biodegradation, stable isotope methodology, terrestrial-aquatic interactions, and microbial ecology.

Applied Science, Engineering, and Technology (ASET) Lab

Teaching Responsibilities

  • General Chemistry I - Chem 105
  • General Chemistry II - Chem 106
  • General Chemistry I Lab - Chem 105L
  • Organic Chemistry I - Chem 321
  • Organic Chemistry II - Chem 322
  • Organic Chemistry Lab - Chem 323L


*Denotes undergraduate student

Tomco, P., Zulueta, R., Miller, L*., Campbell, R., and Welker, J., Pulse-driven DOC inputs control the C exports in May Creek: a late-successional boreal forest watershed of the Copper River basin, Alaska. In review, submitted to Global Biogeochemical Cycles 02/09/2016.

Tomco, P., Duddleston, K., Schultz, E*., Hagedorn, B., Stevenson, T., and Seefeldt, S., Field degradation of aminopyralid and clopyralid and microbial community response to application in Alaskan soils. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 2016, 35(2), 485-493.

Tomco, P., Holmes, W., and Tjeerdema, R., Biodegradation of clomazone in a california rice field soil: carbon allocation and microbial community effects. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.2013, 61(11), 2618-2624.

Tomco, P., and Tjeerdema, R., Photolytic versus microbial degradation in a flooded California rice field soil. Pest Management Science, 2012, 68(8), 1141-1147.

Tomco, P., Zou, W., Holstege, D., Tjeerdema, R., Microbial degradation of clomazone in California rice fields. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2010, 58(6), 3674-3680.

Advanced stage manuscripts (submission within 6 months):

Mullican, R., Tomco, P., Howard, M., and Tjeerdema, R., Aerobic versus anaerobic degradation of clothianidin under simulated California rice field conditions. Submission to Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry anticipated 03/2016

Tomco, P., Rodriguez-Baisi K., Seefeldt, S., and Duddleston, K., Field degradation and microbial effects of metsulfuron-methyl in two Alaskan soils. Submission to Journal of Soil Biology and Biochemistry anticipated 08/2016.

In Preparation:

Zulueta, R., Tomco, P., and Welker, J., Seasonal characteristics of surface water nutrient delivery in the Copper River basin, Alaska. Submission to Hydrological Processes anticipated 12/2016.​