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For general questions, please contact (907) 786-1744 or



Contact Information

Dr. Eric Andrews
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
SSB 158C
(907) 786-1963 
Dr. Sam Cook
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
SSB 158F
(907) 786-1743
Dr. Mark Fitch
Chair and Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154P
(907) 786-1656
Dr. Stefanos Folias
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
SSB 158D
(907) 786-1618
Dr. Larry Foster
Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154G
(907) 786-4868
Dr. Joan Haig
Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154H
(907) 786-1995
Dr. Alberta Harder
Associate Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154B
(907) 786-1748
Terri Manthey
Term Instructor of Mathematics
SSB 154D
(907) 786-4924
Dr. Deborah Narang
Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154A
(907) 786-1312
Dr. Kamal Narang
Professor of Mathematics
SSB 154C
(907) 786-1150
Dr. Kanapathi Thiru
Professor of Statistics
SSB 154E
(907) 786-1958
Dr. Rieken Venema
Professor of Statistics
SSB 158E
(907) 786.4854
Dr. Yelena Yagodina
Term Assistant Professor
SSB 158G
(907) 786-1093
Dr. Marion Yapuncich
Associate Professor
SSB 154J
(907) 786-1652

Adjunct Faculty

The adjunct office is located in the Social Sciences Building (SSB) Room 154F (next to the mathematics lab).  To leave an emergency message for an adjunct faculty member, call the department receptionist at 786-1744.

Adjuncts are part-time and their office hours vary.  The best way to reach an adjunct faculty member is via phone or email. 





Cutchins, Constance
SSB 154L
Fautanu, Carolyn SSB 154F (907) 786-1648
Harman, Thomas
McDonald, Deanna
Richard, Aaron 
SSB 154F 
(907) 786-1648 
Stucki, Nicole
SSB 154F
(907) 786-1648
Valentine, Caroline 
SSB 154F 
(907) 786-1648 
Whinston, Amy
SSB 154L
(907) 786-1745

Affiliate Faculty

The UAA Department of Mathematics & Statistics would like to welcome the following members as Affiliate Faculty to the department:

Len Smiley, Ph.D.
Affiliate Professor of Mathematics

Don Stevens, Ph.D.
Affiliate Professor of Statistics

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