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What is the MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program?

The MSW/MPH dual degree program provides academic training in order to maximize the impact of both public health and social work practices. This dual degree develops expertise at the nexus of public health and social work. The goal of this program is to train leaders who have the skills and competencies to address many of the social and public health problems facing the state of Alaska, this nation, and the world. 

How is this program structured? 

The dual degree program is structured so all of the requirements for each program will be fully met. Each program has a set of required courses and electives. Students will be able to substitute some required courses in one program for electives or requirements in the other. An advantage of the dual MSW/MPH option is that, by mutual agreement between the two programs, some courses will count toward graduation requirements in both programs. Thus, time required for both degrees, and the total number of credits required, may be reduced. For a full-time student, the time for both degrees would be approximately 3 years (9 semesters). The two degrees will be awarded independently and perhaps at different times. Each degree will be awarded when the graduation requirements for that degree have been met.  

Some additional information about the MSW/MPH dual degree: 

  • Students must meet the admission requirements for both the MSW and MPH programs and apply for admission to each program as well as to the UAA Graduate School.  
  • Each student will have two Graduate Studies Plans (GSPs), one for each degree program.   
  • In most semesters, students will be taking courses in both degree programs.  
  • Each student will have two academic advisors, one for each degree program. 

In the MPH Program, the academic advisor for the MSW/MPH dual degree is Professor Gabriel Garcia. He can be reached at (907) 786-6532 or

Also, please see the information in the UAA Catalog regarding the MSW/MPH dual degree.