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Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Indian Child Welfare Act


Participate in the Indian Child Welfare Act Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) program promoting social justice, cultural preservation, and community support to positively impact the lives of Native children and families. The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is a crucial piece of legislation that safeguards the welfare of Native American and Alaska Native children and ensures they are kept connected to their families, tribes, and heritage.

By studying ICWA, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to navigate complex social issues, advocate for justice, and create positive change. The OEC in ICWA is a 15-credit program offered in collaboration between the UAA Alaska Native Studies and Human Services departments. You’ll be immersed in diverse courses from both departments.


Why choose OEC in ICWA at UAA?

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The Dept. of Human Services OECs is an affordable way to enhance your job skills, which can be used in many careers in business, education, social services, and other fields.

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Learn from clinically licensed professionals and published researchers and authors. All program faculty have experience working in their respective areas of expertise.


Embrace a hands-on approach. Practice your skills through high-quality instruction delivered via classroom lectures, demonstrations, case studies, and role plays.


Complete your courses in person at UAA's Anchorage campus or entirely online! You also can take individual courses in person or online at community campuses.

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Program Locations

  • Anchorage
  • Mat-Su
  • Kenai

Program Information

The UAA Catalog is the official source of all degree and certificate programs at the university. Catalog entries for each program include details such as learning outcomes, application timeline and requirements, course sequencing, and program requirements. 


Catalog: OEC in Indian Child Welfare Act


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Message from the Program Coordinator

On behalf of the other human services faculty, I want to express how excited we all are in your interest in human services. We teach because we are passionate about education and hope that our enthusiasm translates to the classroom. Even if you are not sure you have an interest in human services, we encourage you to take one of our introductory courses to find out. And if you do choose to major in a different field, our Human Services program still offers a variety of thought-provoking courses (with easy to satisfy prerequisites) that might be helpful to your chosen degree or that you may just want to take because you are interested in the topic. Whatever your interest in human services, we are here and happy to help.


— Yvonne Chase, Ph.D.


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